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Useful Diagrams For The New And Forgetful - various shapes and uses

Guest frater az

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in this topic i will be covering the very basics of shapes used for invoking/banishing

elements, planets, zodiac and maybe a few other types



the first of the 2 shape i will cover the triangle and the square...


the triangle as u can see how it is being used below!

it repersents fire, air and water (earth is not included)


the square repersents the four basic elements...

fire, air, water and earth



the basic four elements as used in the occult and paganism



four of the invoking/banishing pentagrams (there are more)

(showing their starting points)


any questions please ask!

next... more on the pentagram and hexagram...

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Please consider supporting us to help keep our Website and Facebook groups online.

pentagram/pentagon and hexagram/hexagon


any of these shapes/colours can be used quite easily for...

invoking/banishing specific energies or in the construction of talismans...

they have so many different uses!


*note the elemental correspondencies with the planets do vari from source to source, but that is a whole another topic!


the pentagram is an elemental symbol



the hexagram is an planetary symbol



invoking and banishing





this is just one of the many examples of invoking and banishing use the elemental and planetary shapes and symbols, some ppl will say the hexagram i have done here is wrong others will say it is the right way! as i stress this is just one method there any many for invoking/banishing the hexagram!


as in magick use what ever works for you!


any questions please feel free to ask!

next... heptagram (7) and octagram (8)

Edited by frater az
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a few extra notes...

(from a hermetic veiw point)


the triangle


the 3 angles also symbolise the 3 alcheical principles of nature... salt, sulpher and mercury.


the square


important lineal figure, repersent the stability of equation, it refers to the quaternary in all things... the holy name YHVH, the four elements, etc...


the pentagram


with the single point upwards is called the microcosm (man) and domination of spirit over the four elements, with the single point downwards repersents the goat/demon head. it also shows the kerubim and the wheel of spirit.


the hexagram/hexagon


the hexagon natually reflects the rays of the planets, this is also referred to as the macrocosm or the greater world, the hexagram with its 12 points also relects the zodiac, it is a symbol of great strength and power!

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*sub note about shapes and numbers*

coming from a hermetic/qabalist point... shapes, points and correspondence (tree)


(just a slight side step. you might see where im going with this later on) each of the shapes also correspond to a sphere on the tree of life and the planet that its ruled by


1 - kether

2 - chokmah

3 - Binah

4 - chesed

5 - gerburah

6 - tipareth

7 - netzach

8 - hod

9 - yesod

10 - malkuth



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heptagram (7) octagram (8) enneagram (9)




the heptagram/heptagon (7)

The Heptangle as a whole is referred to the Seventh Sephirah, Netzach.

It further alludes to the power of the Septenary acting through all things, as exemplified by the seven colours of the Rainbow.


the octagram/octagon (8)


The Octagon is not so consonant to the nature of Mercury as the Octagram reflected from every fourth point.

this also reflects the name of Tetragrammaton Adonai: or as it is written bound together, Yod Aleph Heh Daleth Vau Nun Heh Yod.


the enneagramenneagon (9)

The Enneangle as a whole, is referred to the ninth Sephirah Yesod.

The Enneagon is not so consonant to the nature of the Moon as the Enneagram reflected from every fifth point.

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ok so whiles going into shape i seem to have found myself falling into using this to explain a little bit about the mathematcis of the tree fo life (qabalah)


i am going to be using the traditional tree correspondences here...


1 - kether - white - spirit

2 - chokmah - grey - zodiac

3 - Binah - black - saturn

4 - chesed - blue - jupiter

5 - gerburah - red - mars

6 - tipareth - golden - sun/sol

7 - netzach - green - venus

8 - hod - orange - mercury

9 - yesod - purple - moon/luna

10 - malkuth - black/brown/dk red/ dk green - the 4 elements (also the planet earth)


hopefully u cant start to see how its starting to fit together



Edited by frater az
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The Dekagram reflected from every third point is especially consonant to Malkuth and shows the Triad operating through each angle of the two Pentagons within a circle, of which it is composed. It alludes to the combination of the 3 Aichemical principles with the Spirit and the 4 Elements in their Positive and Negative form, under the presidency of the 10 Sephiroth themselves.



The Endekangle can be traced in five ways: reflected from every second point, when it is called the Endekagon; and as the Endekagram reflected from every third, fourth, fifth, and sixth points.

The Endekangle naturally represents the evil and imperfect nature of the Endekad. The Endekagon represents the dispersal of the Eleven Curses of Mount Ebal through the Universe. Though they are paragraphed as 12 in the English version of the Bible, in the Hebrew they are paragraphed as 11, two being classed together.




The Dodekangle can be traced in five ways; reflected from every second point, when it is called the Dodekagon; and as the Dodekagram reflected from every third, fourth, fifth and sixth point.

The Dodekangle as a general whole is referred to the Zodiac, and naturally represents the powers of the Dodekad. The Dodekagon shows the dispersal of the influence of the Zodiac through nature.

The Dodekagram reflected from every third point, is formed of two Hexagons within a Circle, and represents the dispersal and concentration of the Zodiac in masculine and feminine signs. The masculine being Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius; and the feminine Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. As this Dodekagram is composed of twelve triangles, so do these allude to the 3 decanates, faces, or sets of 100 of each Sign.




any questions?

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Not a question at this point more just saying that I find this to be an interesting thread, thanks for the time you're putting into it.

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This is excellent! I love the enneangle (the pointy one) - it really catches my eye for some reason. I also love the endekangle, although your description of how it is drawn didn't mean much to me (the picture of it I like is the top one where it is like a star).


Thanks for this thread Frater, I'm learning a lot!




{edited because I think I got the terminology wrong at one point...}

Edited by saraquel
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thanks for your comments :D


any of these shapes can be used as the shape of a talisman or for tracing with invoking or banishing a certain type of energy! (colours will Vari)



Edited by frater az
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here is one version of the modern correspondences for the enneagram (9) and dekagram (10) for those of you who are interested in the astrological symbols of their points.



Edited by frater az
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thanks for the thread Frater az been copying and pasting all the diagrams for future reference :D


Really original name for the thread too :lol:



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Really original name for the thread  too  ;)



i cant take all the credit after all it was your idea!

i just put up the pictures :)

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Beautiful thread frater az


As I noticed when you click on the diagrams they enlarge - I would like to print them out. I hope that's ok.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Frater,

I'm a newbie to this site and think this thread is really helpful, I'm also a forgetful pagan :D cant seem to remember which wway to invoke /banish....but if I can print copies off they will help loads.

Thanks again, very useful.




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  • 5 years later...

thankyou I am new and forgetfull :)


This is soooooooooooo interesting ...... I have a thing for the dynamics of this :P will be copying an pasting


thankyou again :)


Emma x

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