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    Something offered to the gods, wights or ancestors. 'A gift for a gift' as we Heathens say. :) If I want something, then I will give something in return. However, I often offer something simply to show appreciation, without asking for anything in return. Me I ask. You know: "do you want a coffee? Or do you prefer tea? or can I get you something else?" sort of thing.
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    For me, it’s part of the “do ut es”. I give that you might give. It’s transactional. Sometimes it’s payment, sometimes it’s a gift. The offering depends on the deity and the agreement we come to.
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    I have made offerings even though I don't have a relationship with deities. For me, it was purely symbolic of gratitude and usually consisted of some small token. What does it achieve? For me it serves as a reminder to be grateful when things go right or I am lucky. It just felt right at the time.
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    For a number of years in the early 2000s I read hundreds of self-help books. Literally hundreds. I trained as a Stress Consultant, and qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner. I even considered training to be a therapist and councillor. But in truth, looking back now, I was completely missing, or unconsciously ignoring, what I needed to do, and that was to go and see a therapist myself. In the end I did and our year together was a gift that helped me to clear the fugue my mind had entered into. My therapist was trained in Transactional Analysis (TA) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), both amazing ways to help an air head like me to understand what might be going on in this lump of meat in my head. It’s amazing the little tricks our minds can play on us, self-talk suggesting how just sitting down and talking to a stranger could possibly help the way I’m feeling, but that self-sabotage can be paralysing, and make a step towards real change take some time. Even when we plant our backsides on the couch and begin to talk there can be some resistance – I felt that too – but I knew something was not right and, over time, I began to feel the difference. It still amazes me, that the simple act of expressing our feelings out loud, in words, can make such a difference. But it does. One of the things I noticed in those self-help books was the idea that happiness is the ultimate quest of life. Nearly two decades later and I’m really not sure that’s the case. It seems to me that the human world, and life in general, is a roller coaster ride of emotion, and that maybe having happiness as the bench mark of how our lives are progressing is actually damaging. Just as looking at Instagram feed photos suggest that everything in the lives of those we follow are simply peachy is a huge distortion of the reality of life (including theirs), so the endless search for continued happiness can be exhausting. Maybe happiness isn’t the aim of life at all. In fact making it the benchmark of the perfect life can make things much worse. Maybe life is about finding meaning. Finding meaning can be much more sustainable than the endless search for happiness. Many of us can find meaning in simple things such as watching the sunrise on a new day, or the flight of a gull, the sound of birdsong right now outside my window announcing the arrival of Spring. The smell of decaying leaves in the Autumn, the way that a song or piece of music makes us feel. The company of friends and the connection with our family. So many things can add meaning to our lives. Obviously another is a spiritual practice like meditation or walking the land on pilgrimage. Making the decision to look after your body by making better choices of food and drink. The list is endless. And guess what – a life lived with meaning can open the doors to that illusive happiness so many seek. Not that happiness should necessarily be the goal of finding meaning. If that happens we can find ourselves back at square one once more, feeling unfulfilled and down. Don’t get me wrong, happiness is great. I love a good laugh, and the feeling that everything is just right, and all is good. The thing I’ve found is that it just doesn’t last. As the great sages say, Shit Happens. Things bring us down, sometimes with a big heavy bump. I’ve heard some people say things like life gets in the way. And this may be another problem. If all of the things that get in the way are seen as life, then all of the things that make us feel good, well, what are they? Isn’t it all just life? So here’s a thought to end with. What are the things that bring meaning into your life? Let’s talk meaning and purpose and see if those things ultimately bring us more balance, perspective, and in the end, happiness. View the full article
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    Withstanding work and very much looking forward to the weekend. Not only because the wife and I are off for a very rare night out with friends.
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    In the words of Pink Floyd...." Home, home again,I like to be here when I can, when I get home cold and tired it's good to warm my bones besides the fire..."
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    I feel gratitude several times a day and simply say "thank you". The simple fact of being able to do some things makes me grateful as can a view or an experience. Where I feel the need to make a special gesture, a sacrifice in the broadest sense of the word, I do so in a tune. The advantage [to me] in that form of statement is that every time I play in free pentatonic mode the tune is new, unique. Veggie, you are suggesting that lifestyle can be a sacrifice. I like the idea that life itself can be, to some extent, a sacrificial dedication. [Don't tell Ellinas or you'll find yourself with a religion ] In parallel to the old saw: virtue is its own reward, does a sacrifice, in part, work to our own gratification?
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    I have made small offerings in a similar way to Fortuna as a simple expression of gratitude. I have left small gifts in places that seem significant, sometimes the urge to do it is mixed up with wanting help or luck with something but I don't tend to ask anyone particular for something just pour some of how I'm feeling and mixed up thoughts into the leaving of the gift. sacrifice in the more modern sense of giving something up I do regularly to try help the environment and live in harmony with the earth (that's the main moral in my personal religion) things like being vegetarian, walking instead of getting a lift, making do and mending rather than buying new, the kinds of cleaning products I use, spending money on vats of bird food. No pesticides: Sacrificing my plants to catapillars and snails because my priority is making a space for wildlife in the garden.
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    These were faves back in the day. X
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    Hi Nomis, My answer above might have read a bit glib. It wasn't. I won't go into details here as I've discussed augury and prediction at length elsewhere. In my opinion the appearance of your hare and its subsequent disappearance was a random event - well its disappearance was probably caused by you and your dog. However, the whole event had an impact upon you. That is what is significant. What were your feelings as you saw the hare and again after it had vanished. In your position I would use the experience as I use runes. When I select a rune from the bag I do not think that anything is presenting me with the rune. The selection is almost random. "Almost" because it depends how thoroughly I have mixed them since I last used them. Let us suppose that I draw the vertical line of the rune Is or Isa . The brief meaning without any other context is: Coldness. Cold relationships. Struggling to no avail. Situation is frozen. Time to mend, maintain and reflect. This rune is irreversible. What is my reaction to this: If I laugh and say "The dishes can wait then", it is that reaction that is important. I'm clearly in a good humour and in a positive frame of mind. The rune has tricked my subconscious into becoming visible. If on the other hand my reaction is "Oh no, I'm never going to get that ritual written and out before Samhaine" then I know something different. I know that writing the ritual has become a negative experience or that it is my current actual priority whether I'm attending to it or not. I can read that reaction. I can either tell myself to put the ruddy thing away for today and come back to it fresh tomorrow or I can kick myself up the miasmic arse and buckle down to it. If I react to the idea that the rune is irreversible it may be that I'm feeling that my life is out of my control which of course it isn't. [The rune is irreversible only in that it is the same either way up - some folk read the orientation up or down as significant - but not apparently, sideways] In using the runes I'm simply holding up a mirror to my subconscious. I might do the same with your Hare. On the other hand you may feel that the hare appeared as an omen or sign. You may be wondering if you have an affinity with Hare. In that event there are others who can guide you better than myself. Obviously I'm not going to leave it there when there is an opinion to be expressed so may I add: If you must look for an external significance: Get yourself a journal and start logging experiences like this. Record date, time, day of week, weather, mood as well as the event. Leave lots of space after each one so that you can record anything that you think might be connected with the experience afterwards. After some work you might be able to see patterns in the events in your life. Even here the rational within me says "Please close off any sort of predictive association after a reasonable time". The fact that you found an old horseshoe and nailed it to your door in November is not in my view connected with your lottery win the following July.
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    Sad day today, learnt that a close school friend Jon (AKA Boggy) died at the weekend from a severe coronary episode. It's a sobering thought, when one's childhood compadres begin to move off this plane. We are lucky down this way, we have several woodland burial sites and Pagan funeral services. Not getting morbid, just refocusing my mind and priorities. To Boggy!
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