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    Wolfs are very special for me i keep seeing them in my dreams one of the things i see is a white wolf and an native American little girl they are calming and talk to me when i am feeling unwell they soothe me when am scared or upset i have seen wolfs in a nature reserve before there amazing and beautiful and i wish they where free i dont normally go to nature reserves or zoo i would like to see animals free I just became Vegan in the last few months i love animals there beauty and there uniqueness wolfs more so
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    Totally agree ED ......but..... Desiderata was originally marketed as being of the seventeenth century but in fact written in 1927. Would it have been so popular originally published under its authentic attribution? Why not? How widely are his other poems known? What about this guy? He had a huge following. Would anyone have listened to Archibald Stansfield Belaney of Hastings? Are they any more authentic because we now know who these people are? Any less so? How has their credibility been affected? What about the effect of their writing; has that changed? Shall the Writings of Moonsmith lose all their value once my true identity is known?
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    the talk of authentic can also take a different turn, are they teaching something religous or spiritual or is it something else, is it an extension of politics or nationalism dressed up. that is a good question to ask. as is the question what is the focus of the group, is it focussed on justification of something otherwise reprehensible? is it focussed on justifying nationalism, racial purity and blood, is it focussed on specific individuals or specific interpretations of material that fit within a narrow viewpoint. anyone care for a wee jaunt into american folkish white supremacist nationalism for instance? thats one example that turns up daily in northern quarters.
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    Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 140 The Gap of Dreams / Nia’s Jig / The Beekeeper – Altan – https://altan.ie The Talky Bit – The Anglo Saxon and Norse Runes – Suzanne Rance – http://www.suzannerance.co.uk Lady of the Lake – Lori Llyn – https://www.lori-llyn.com/index.html The Migration Medley – Afro Celt Sound System – https://www.afroceltsoundsystem.org.uk DruidCast theme – Hills they are Hollow – Damh the Bard – https://www.paganmusic.co.uk For more information on the Druid tradition – https://www.druidry.org View the full article
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    Indeed people, myself included at times, judge books by their covers 😉 and popularity doesn't guarantee authenticity just as obscurity doesnt equate with being unimportant or inauthentic for those who derive inspiration from it. The Coen Bros film Inside Llwyn Davis Davis is a good study on fame and obscurity... We all answer these questions in our own way. I think that people in general have failings and are in some ways compromised. Most spiritual teachings are likely compromised in places and accepting these things means that I don't need the author of a piece of writing or the origin of a teaching to have some sort of ultimate purity to be relevant to me or my spiritual work. Let's wait and see hehe. A couple of examples: Heidegger is acknowledged as one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century and yet dipped into social nationalism in Germany. One may have a well supported view that an ex-con should never be employed in role which exercises responsibility over prison inmates. However there are many examples of trained rehabilitated offenders being most effective in counselling and mentoring inmates ,and also post release, with a dramatic reduction in re-offending rates. See I don't think things are all black and white. (Aside: in Druidism we say we aren't aiming to be in the pure white light but rather a lighter shade of grey). I try not to judge somebody by the nature of their known associates. Its just not logical to go down that route even if it appeals to our emotions at times. "Don't listen to her because she is friends with so-and-so -so" - it just doesn't ring true does it...? Likewise while a person's reputation may be coloured by any misdemeanours or errors that they have made, to me the worth of their other actions is not completely compromised by those errors. Showing responsibility for the implications of the errors is the important thing. I really like this take on things, Ellinas. Nurturance implying growth with a lack of dogma and therein a respect for honestly held perspectives.
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    I noticed this week just how quickly the year had flown by. One moment it seemed I was welcoming the Spring after the Beast from the East had left our shores. Smiling at the blooming Spring flowers, enjoying the Blackthorn, the Pussy Willow, the Mayflower, and what seemed like the next day watching the leaves turn red and yellow, hearing the Autumn storm winds outside, and the nights have drawn in once more. Boom. Gone. In past years I would now begin to retreat. I really enjoy the time between Samhain and New Year. I’m not a Bah Humbug when it comes to Christmas, but after new year, January to early April, I seem to wish the time away. I’ve had enough of dark evenings and cold by then. And this year, above all others, I’ve realised what a mistake that is. I literally wish away a quarter of the year. Sometimes if the S.A.D. hits early that wishing away can start as early as November. Not good. So this year I am making a pledge, a promise. I will find those things of beauty you Winter lovers enjoy. I will seek out the magic and wonder, and enjoy the rest of the Autumn and the approaching Winter, and embrace it all with open arms. If I find myself wishing for the Spring and the warmth of the Sun I’ll remind myself that every day is precious. Who knows if tomorrow will ever come? I will remind myself that the Now is here, and to live in the moment. Maybe that will help to slow down time a little, who knows, but there is no wisdom in wishing away an entire season. So, Autumn and Winter, I welcome you, season of mists, and of cold. Of the womb of darkness, and the embrace of the night, the crisp sunny day, and the wet, cold mud beneath my walking boots. I look to you with love, affection, and cast away my years of distaste, of turning away, of not seeing or feeling the power that resides within your cold and icy days and nights. Be gentle, be harsh, be what you truly are, and allow me to experience the wonders you bring. So mote it be. Are you a Winter person? What is it about the season that brings you so much joy? Help me out. Let me into your world. View the full article
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    I wouldn't really put it that way. I would rather say there is a confidence, born of wisdom and experience, that causes people/pagans/teachers to feel less need to crow about what they are doing. Does that make more sense? Edited to continue the train of thought: I don't think there is hidden wisdom, as such. In fact, I agree that everything is now out in the open. However, that obscures as much as it illuminates. "Seekers" (ooh, I dislike that word) have to wade through all the crap to find the nuggets of truth. But how are we to know the pearls from the dross? Martial arts are a very similar field in this respect. Lots and lots of teachers, styles and 'truths' that are all out in the open. However, a very large portion of them aren't really offering anything of value. I am lucky to have found one of the 'pearls' in the class I currently attend (at least, IMHO).
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    Right, I'll try to get my head round this, but there is a danger I'm misinterpreting you. I'm not saying that authenticity is dependent on consistency - merely upon honest self appraisal. A person who is spiritually "authentic" may be shown to be inconsistent and, therefore, mistaken. His or her reaction to that revelation will indicate whether he or she is "authentic". In my view the absence of doctrinal consistency between umpteen denominations suggests that there is, indeed, no "authentic" Christianity - or at least, none that is identifiable. That's not the same thing as saying there are no authentic Christians. Spirituality is - or should be - always personal, even within a framework that seeks some sort of orthodoxy. That's right. Just blame the poor old Hellene... Nope! That's Honest or even [i find] Integrous! Unless authentic spirituality is a special case of authenticity then: Oxford English Dictionary: 1. Of undisputed origin and not a copy, genuine. ..... made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original. And 2. Based upon facts; accurate or reliable. I suggest that we don't pursue #2 regarding spirituality otherwise we will be attempting "spiritual truth" and that might get hairy. So applying this to the OP an Authentic Teaching or an Authentic Teaching Group might be expected to have have some original source, document, history, icon or recorded philosophy whose provenance is demonstrable. That each learner will create their own interpretation of such is inevitable. "The greatest illusion of the teacher is the belief that what is taught is what is learned" Boots and Reynolds. I'll post the reference when I can remember where it is. This has a significance where learning is passed from a teacher who was a learner and where the source is elusive. Up to a point, but I think "authentic" can only be used as a term of art with a fairly specific meaning in this context. The problem is that my spirituality is personal to me, as yours is to you. Whatever the sources and inspiration, we each establish our own "authenticity" not by following a tradition but by synthesizing the ideas and making them our own. In fact, I would say that, in spiritual terms, authenticity is the very opposite of following the tradition and the herd mentality; that results in a copy of the beliefs of others, which makes the individual the very opposite of "authentic". The problem is that spirituality is, by its' nature, subjective. It is difficult, therefore, to found it upon "facts". "Made in a traditional way" works for Melton Mowbray pork pies; I'm not sure that it works for a belief system which, in terms of its' relationship to the past, can only ever be an interpretation of what has gone before, and if too restricted in the interpretation, makes the individual a a rather unimaginative copy of what has been observed in the past with no personal depth or understanding. The dictionary definition would make the "authentic" teacher the one who steadfastly refuses to think beyond the surface. If that is what it means, then I'd rather avoid the authentic. So, I would return to the idea that those who are "authentic" in their spirituality are those who are constantly re-examining their beliefs, ideas, experiences etc and are prepared to act upon their ever changing conclusions. I think...
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    Once again I've run out of editing time. Blame the bacon butty. Could a mod be kind and add = in order to practice Paganism. to the end of my last sentence. I wouldn't bother except that this is in starters orders. Oh and perhaps delete this post or leave it here so that readers can assess the mental capacity of the writer :)
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