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  1. i have thoughts about how i am going to do this , i have decied depends on the weather i want to do stuff during the day and at night before midnight day i will be going out to a place i rerally like and found peace while walking there even when there is children there playing people bring there dogs and there is nature there i love walking as well one of my things i do to relax then come home light a candles play music have good food for us and the God/Goddeses then say good bye to the spirit and say hello to the new life .. welcome to nature the following morning go back to the pla
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  2. I've met people who, even in the domain of the so called mentally healthy, despise those who would turn to others for help. I've seen one of these hard liners put in a situation where she was unable to help herself and her opinions changed radically. She not only sought help but now has a voluntary job helping others in the same way she was helped. For a lot of people it's that sort of ignorance - they mistake their own lack of current need as (a) some sort of moral strength (and therefore those without it lack moral fibre), and (:o_rainbow: something that will always be so. Some never fin
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  3. I went through alot of mental pain/suffering etc during my early twenties strawberry, and one thing that kept me going was my faith that I was protected by something/someone. So its quite disappointing to hear that you have had this experience. I don't practice much magick either. This more to do with choice at the moment - although I am thinking about taking a few tentative steps towards it - I've noticed an improvement in my physical self lately (I am physically disabled also) and so may be I think I might give it a go. Probably start with something simple (although not sure what
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