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    I don't think belief in aliens or not is really dictated by any Pagan path that I am aware of. Personally, I go with the evidence as much as possible. Exploration of our own solar system and new discoveries of exoplanets suggest that conditions suitable for life might actually be quite common. So with around 300 billion stars in our our galaxy alone and around the same number of galaxies, I really don't see how alien life cannot exist. There is not one shred of evidence that they have ever been here though. And I get a bit fed up when people point at the achievements of our ancestors and say it must have been aliens that did it. If stonehenge was made of some amazing, unknowable alloy....... or the pyramids contained details maps of the heavens, maybe.
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    I can't tell you anything about blood moon etc, but "blue" moon is just a construct of the calendar we use. It's not something that changes the moon - we just draw up arbitrary lines to divide up days into pockets we call 'months' that are an historical accident created over centuries by the Romans. I follow the Anglo Saxon calendar - in other words, the main part of my life goes by months that are determined by the moon. The month begins when one sees the new moon. Lunary calendars are ancient and widespread, and were probably the earliest reckoning of time. Being based on the moon's cycle, you can't get two full moons in one "month" as the month is the moon and not some artificial human construct. I'm afraid I can't help you with the other issues. I don't charge anything by using moonlight. I tend to use magic to maintain those things I use. I tend not to use crystals, angel cards etc. I do use tarot and runes, very occasionally, but regard the internet stuff about wrapping them in this or that as modern (20th century) inventions, spread by the internet. I'd suggest you do whatever pleases you. Others may have a different take. Same with anything about 'charging' various materials using different methods. You ask: I've never heard of this and I've been around the pagan scene for years. Is this a recent invention? There's nothing in Wicca I can recall that links water and Imbolc, and Imbolc is a Wiccan festival. However, the Wiccan festivals are adopted by many pagans and they are universal as "pagan" festivals, if you read the internet, but they aren't universal pagan festivals - and those on the internet invent things for them that aren't in Wicca. So whatever the water-Imbolc link is, it might only have been invented a few years ago. No problem about that - if it appeals to you, do it. However, you don't have to stick to someone else's rules - especially if they were only invented a few years ago. You're free to create your own rules. :) p.s. - I'm going to move this to the general discussions, as I think it's a discussion about more than this one moon.
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    Many thanks for the advice everybody. I have started searching through "the indices of dusty tomes", and have found some interesting titbits already. Just started reading through full tomes which will give further clarification. I also keep asking the goddess :) And so far the insight I've been given has been astounding. Many thanks again :)
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    My 'need to join', combined with my being such an "oddball" and never fitting into any group of any description, had me join the Valley in the first place, and again returning now. 🙂 Up until quite recently I was a sucker for wanting to "belong" ... for having a perfect description/label for who I am and what it is that I am doing ... and for being part of a group of people exactly like me/on the same path ... Obviously that's a recipe for failure. It took me a long time to a) find my path, to b) be able to let go of too tight descriptions (moving ever so slowly towards the 'pathless path' - scary as that currently appears to me), and c) to accept that I probably won't encounter a great many people (in bodies) who walk this path too, respectively that it's not very likely that I will have a 'spiritual' community (satsang), and d) realise that all of this is just fine 🙂
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    Pure Fact and Absolute Truth are such vague terms aren't they?
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    Both. My religion is Heathenism, and that's the basis of my beliefs. I do, however, have some beliefs that are not connected to my religion. Like "marmite is a revolting substance fit only for repelling slugs". Oh no - hang on a minute - that's a fact.
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    Here is a beautiful and haunting song inspired by the Mari-Lwyd tradition in Wales. These old horse traditions and other similar customs with masked characters dancing or in parade at festivals or going door to door the remnants of which are scattered around the UK are so intriguing and seem to hint at a rich lost culture that we know so little about and there seems to be such little interest in. People seem to want to go abroad to find culture. I think it is such a shame. I hope we can learn more about our native traditions and cultures in Britain, that they can be revived and valued. But what do you guys think? Is it important or not to keep these kind of things alive, or is it better to just scrap it all and move on? If you think we should to revive and keep things how important is it to you that they are kept historically accurate? Should it be about restoring and preserving traditions or developing and renewing and being creative with them? Plus; Do you like the song?
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    For a number of years in the early 2000s I read hundreds of self-help books. Literally hundreds. I trained as a Stress Consultant, and qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner. I even considered training to be a therapist and councillor. But in truth, looking back now, I was completely missing, or unconsciously ignoring, what I needed to do, and that was to go and see a therapist myself. In the end I did and our year together was a gift that helped me to clear the fugue my mind had entered into. My therapist was trained in Transactional Analysis (TA) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), both amazing ways to help an air head like me to understand what might be going on in this lump of meat in my head. It’s amazing the little tricks our minds can play on us, self-talk suggesting how just sitting down and talking to a stranger could possibly help the way I’m feeling, but that self-sabotage can be paralysing, and make a step towards real change take some time. Even when we plant our backsides on the couch and begin to talk there can be some resistance – I felt that too – but I knew something was not right and, over time, I began to feel the difference. It still amazes me, that the simple act of expressing our feelings out loud, in words, can make such a difference. But it does. One of the things I noticed in those self-help books was the idea that happiness is the ultimate quest of life. Nearly two decades later and I’m really not sure that’s the case. It seems to me that the human world, and life in general, is a roller coaster ride of emotion, and that maybe having happiness as the bench mark of how our lives are progressing is actually damaging. Just as looking at Instagram feed photos suggest that everything in the lives of those we follow are simply peachy is a huge distortion of the reality of life (including theirs), so the endless search for continued happiness can be exhausting. Maybe happiness isn’t the aim of life at all. In fact making it the benchmark of the perfect life can make things much worse. Maybe life is about finding meaning. Finding meaning can be much more sustainable than the endless search for happiness. Many of us can find meaning in simple things such as watching the sunrise on a new day, or the flight of a gull, the sound of birdsong right now outside my window announcing the arrival of Spring. The smell of decaying leaves in the Autumn, the way that a song or piece of music makes us feel. The company of friends and the connection with our family. So many things can add meaning to our lives. Obviously another is a spiritual practice like meditation or walking the land on pilgrimage. Making the decision to look after your body by making better choices of food and drink. The list is endless. And guess what – a life lived with meaning can open the doors to that illusive happiness so many seek. Not that happiness should necessarily be the goal of finding meaning. If that happens we can find ourselves back at square one once more, feeling unfulfilled and down. Don’t get me wrong, happiness is great. I love a good laugh, and the feeling that everything is just right, and all is good. The thing I’ve found is that it just doesn’t last. As the great sages say, Shit Happens. Things bring us down, sometimes with a big heavy bump. I’ve heard some people say things like life gets in the way. And this may be another problem. If all of the things that get in the way are seen as life, then all of the things that make us feel good, well, what are they? Isn’t it all just life? So here’s a thought to end with. What are the things that bring meaning into your life? Let’s talk meaning and purpose and see if those things ultimately bring us more balance, perspective, and in the end, happiness. View the full article
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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You COULD have used red ink! You could! You could! Younguns these days they have it easy. I don't know what sentencing is coming to, really I don't.
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    Oops, erratum and apologies! It's Wyrd Sisters. Pub 1988 The first in the first Witches trillogy. Poke around this forum [Starters Orders] you will see how we've answered some of your questions in years gone by. Mine will be much the same as last year [quod vide] Why a hermit rather than just solo? Have you read "Witch Alone" by Marion Green. It's not fiction :) You don't need to be a witch to use a lot of what it talks about.
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