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    YES! This ^^^^^^^^^^ big time. I go bare foot everywhere at home. I have told the story before of a visitor who came to the door and said that '"there were human footprints in the snow on the drive". I was able to reassure her that this was only because humans lived here.
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    What do I get out of it...? Principally, freedom. Freedom to think, to experience, to go my own way and to stick up two fingers and the doctrinal "we know better than you and you must agree with us" types. Been a part of that. Never underestimate the value of freedom. Also, a sense of mystery. I don't mean in some sort of "ooh - I'm so occult and strange..." way. Rather, it gives the latitude for me to explore my own mind, psyche, whatever you want to call it, whether logically, emotionally or meditatively, and to seek to synthesise these.
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    I like the idea of it but it's not something I do. I'd be too self conscious as part of a group to get anything from it. i do think there may be something in it if you can strip away (pun intended) your inhibitions and do it properly. when you have a baby they tell you about how important skin on skin contact is with the baby. The skin is an organ and there are a whole list of benefits of touching naked skin on skin with your baby, and also the baby feeling its own naked skin with its own skin is supposed to be beneficial. I read somewhere else that skin contact with your partner is also good for your health. So maybe opening our skin to contact with the air, water, the earth, trees or whatever might have a lot of potential. I'm sure it doesn't have to be TOTAL nakedness for you to get something from skin contact but maybe the more the better? Until more becomes too much for you to feel comfortable with and then I expect that outweighs the benefits. i suppose many of us might not go completely naked but find some bare skin useful in ritual. I do like to be bare foot and feel contact with the ground, and feel things against bare hands or even bare arms and legs.
  4. 2 points
    *reviving* It's not silly, fluffy, or dumb. I think it is very rare to find anyone who hasn't at least once doubted themselves, overthought a situation, or considered taking a side-step elsewhere to see where it leads. Life involves a lot of curiosity and experimentation. I think the one piece of advice I would share would be to follow and learn about what is intriguing you at the time. You don't have to be frozen by your past, nor do you have to think about a "final" destination. Be genuine, but also be honest in your experiences - do things because you want/feel a need to, not because someone "expects" it of you or tells you that it must be done that. exact. way. or. else. As for the gods being perfect... Regardless of whether you see them as literal or metaphorical, I think they make mistakes like the rest of us. Some are just less honest about it.
  5. 2 points
    Many thanks for the advice everybody. I have started searching through "the indices of dusty tomes", and have found some interesting titbits already. Just started reading through full tomes which will give further clarification. I also keep asking the goddess :) And so far the insight I've been given has been astounding. Many thanks again :)
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    My 'need to join', combined with my being such an "oddball" and never fitting into any group of any description, had me join the Valley in the first place, and again returning now. 🙂 Up until quite recently I was a sucker for wanting to "belong" ... for having a perfect description/label for who I am and what it is that I am doing ... and for being part of a group of people exactly like me/on the same path ... Obviously that's a recipe for failure. It took me a long time to a) find my path, to b) be able to let go of too tight descriptions (moving ever so slowly towards the 'pathless path' - scary as that currently appears to me), and c) to accept that I probably won't encounter a great many people (in bodies) who walk this path too, respectively that it's not very likely that I will have a 'spiritual' community (satsang), and d) realise that all of this is just fine 🙂
  7. 2 points
    Pure Fact and Absolute Truth are such vague terms aren't they?
  8. 2 points
    Both. My religion is Heathenism, and that's the basis of my beliefs. I do, however, have some beliefs that are not connected to my religion. Like "marmite is a revolting substance fit only for repelling slugs". Oh no - hang on a minute - that's a fact.
  9. 2 points
    Once again I've run out of editing time. Blame the bacon butty. Could a mod be kind and add = in order to practice Paganism. to the end of my last sentence. I wouldn't bother except that this is in starters orders. Oh and perhaps delete this post or leave it here so that readers can assess the mental capacity of the writer :)
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    any and all folklore of any culture anything by Katherine Briggs or Christine Hole Ronald Hutton: Triumph of the Moon, Stations of the Sun or The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles anything by Kathleen Herbert or Stephen Pollington (Heathenry) anything by Nora Chadwick (Celtic) or H R Ellis Davidson (Celtic/Heathen) The Dictionary of Celtic Mythology by James MasKillop A Dictionary of English Folklore (OUP) A Dictionary of Superstitions (Opie and Tatem, OUP) any and all genuine texts pertaining to pre-Christian cultures (Sacred Texts is a good online resource) all decent historical resources about any particular culture
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