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Hello All,

It's been a while since I joined his group and iniially introduced myself, but I thought I'd ask what people think, and have thought, of Terry Pratchett and his take on paganism and magic(k). In my edition (1997) of Graham Harvey's Listening People, Speaking Earth: Contemporary Paganism, Harvey puts Pratchett's Discworld in a very prominent position by recognizing Pratchett's unique understanding (in Harvey's opinion) of paganism and magic. He actually starts every paragraph with a quote from a Discworld novel. Harvey also wrote a distinctive academic article on Pratchett and paganism which can be seen here: http://jbasr.com/basr/diskus/diskus1-6/harvey-6.txt

Harvey, who is himself a pagan, obviously thinks highly of Pratchett as an individual who has an intuitive understanding of paganism and magic; so what do you folks think? Also, has anyone ever taken direct inspiration from Pratchett, incorporating Discworld's own cosmology (and magic) and into your own (personal) traditions?

Blessings to all!
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I met a young chap yesterday who was wearing very colourful clothes which were decorated with skulls and bones and such. 

It struck me as quite a pagan apparel though I suspect he wouldn't relate to them that way.

It got me thinking about attire and what we might consider to be pagan attire. Do you think of anything you wear as being being more pagan than others? Is it down to how it is decorated only?

I heard that trousers were invented by pagan horseriding nomads from the Pontic/Caspian Steppe. Don't think they are thought of as pagan nowadays though 😉

How about a shawl, or cloak, or robes, or feathers in one's cap or...?

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Our "3 Word Story Telling" thread has been running since 2013...
One sunny day
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Something to think about here
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I didn’t see anything today, as usual for most celestial events there was ten tenths cloud cover.


 What is the magic of the eclipse for you?
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