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The Moderators

The Moderators look after the forums, they make sure topics stay on track and that the rules are followed. Moderators are chosen from the forum regulars as those we feel would be fair and effective at the job of moderating. Our moderators are knowledgable and experienced in their paths.

Our moderators are also members and will share their opinions in any topics they participate in.


  • Gatekeepers (admin)
  • 5171 posts

As site admin, deebs looks after the technical and business aspects of the site and is not involved in day-to-day moderating. As director of TwoFiftyEight Limited he is the last point of contact for escalation.

Path: Undefined

Experience: Enough

Biography: Founder of The Valley. Have been running this site since 2001.

Goals and Aims: To never stop learning.


  • Gatekeepers (lead moderator)
  • 17169 posts

As lead Moderator Pomona is the next port of call if you have a problem that has not been resolved to your satisfaction with the other Moderators. She mods the board on a day to day basis, working in conjunction with the other Mods to ensure the site runs smoothly and fairly.

Path: My own

Experience: All my sentient life

Biography: Scottish pagan/witch, married to a pagan-friendly-if-cynical Teuchter. Owned by two cats. Project Manager during the day, self-sufficiency wannabe after hours and at weekends: trying to live a little bit of the good life by growing my own veg in an allotment and owning three egg-laying hens. Been Pagan (unconsciously) since I was about 4. "Officially" since I was 10/11 and learned there was a word to describe my beliefs! Owe duty to mainly Roman deities, with one notable exception. My Paganism is indivisible from me: everything I think and do stems from my beliefs and my service to my Gods. As a witch, I do whatever I believe to be necessary and the right thing to do, no matter how hard or unpleasant the task. Leading me neatly to... Been a Mod on UKP for many years, including before this newer version. In that time I've seen lots of people come and go, and have made many friends and staunch allies - all of whom I value enormously.

Goals and Aims: To learn and share thoughts, fun, debate and general good conversation with friends. As a Mod, to help make this site a home for all pagans, keeping the peace when necessary, and maintaining a balance between robust debate and social interaction.


  • Gatekeepers (moderators)
  • 17338 posts

If you ever feel I've made the wrong call about a mod decision - please drop me a PM and let me know. I don't bite (mostly! even when provoked ;) )and I do try my best to see the other POV. Helping to keep the Valley the best forum I've ever encountered for respectful and intelligent pagan discussion is, quite simply, a joy.

Path: polytheist, Heathen & Wiccan

Experience: 1999

Biography: I live with an author and journalist in a small cottage close to the centre of a small market town in the Welsh Marches. I write pagan thrillers where the crime is committed by magic and the guys trying to sort out the mayhem that follows are an assorted bunch of magicians, Weres and the fay. Oh, and the occasional god. ;) I grew up on fairy stories, mythology, science-fiction and fantasy. Back in the 70s, had I known there were new forms of paganism in the UK, I suspect I would have declared myself one. Instead I spent time as a Christian and then as a Quaker. I did a year or so in a Gardnerian coven, then walked away from Wicca for 13 years. During that time I was a Heathen. Though practising as a Wiccan again, I remain a happy Heathen and polytheist. :)

Goals and Aims: Joining in, being part of the community. Learning from people. Giving, when I can. I found some of my closest friends here in the Valley. :)


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Helping to moderate this site is something I enjoy immensly and have taken very seriously during the year or so I have been involved. It feels good to be able to put something back into a site which I feel is such a great resource for the Pagan community in the UK and beyond. I may not get it right all of the time, but I sure do my best!

Path: Simply Pagan of the minimalist variety and divination

Experience: since age of twenty (now 46)

Biography: Married with son and living in the Totnes, Devon. Bead jewellery maker by trade making my own glass beads and pendants. And I work organising housing support for people recovering from severe mental illness

Goals and Aims: Was a member of the old site (under the nameof Mike). In the short time I was a member i became a prolific poster adding my own threads and contributing to others. I found it a great learning resource and was able to pass on some knowledge and offer support to some with less experience.