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Board Rules

The Admin and the Mods

  • We work hard to make this forum work for your benefit. Don't attack us, we don't need it, we don't want it and we won't stand for it.
  • Members may not publicly argue a moderators decision. Any and all complaints should be directed at the moderator via PM, then, if not resolved to the site Admin via PM.
  • Ignoring this rule, and attacking the Mods and/or their decisions, either directly or indirectly, in public, constitutes trolling and will be treated accordingly. If you don't like how this site is Moderated, please feel free to raise this with the site moderators or owner in private.
  • Although we are under no obligation to check, edit, moderate or correct any posts on the website we reserve the right to edit, amend or remove any posts, comments, submissions or other contributed content at the discression of the moderators and/or site owners without notice.
  • The Moderators run the Forums, they help make the rules, interpret them and decide when someone has broken them, however, they have no desire to do this continuously. Please don't behave in a way which would require them to be moderators full time.
  • If you are not a Moderator you do not make or enforce the rules, don't act like it. If you think someone is breaking the rules then report them to a moderator. It is their job to enforce the rules, not yours.
  • Where possible, if a moderator has participated in a thread, they will leave moderation of that thread to another moderator.

User Levels

  • There are different levels of user on this board, each may have different privileges. This is earned, remember, levels can go down as well as up.


  • Remember to use them.
  • No flaming.
  • Trolling, baiting, bickering or otherwise disruptive or anti-social behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Please do your best to use good English, don't post ALL CAPS and avoid text speak.
  • Harassment of other members is not allowed.
  • No personal attacks, period. Discuss the issues, not the people.
  • Stick to the topic of the area and the thread. Individual forums may have their own rules, read these and stick to them. If you wish to discuss on a tangent please start a new thread.

Threads and posts

  • Posts might not be kept indefinitely. If you want to keep it then don't rely on it staying on here.
  • Apart from two forums, none of this site can be accessed by non-members using a search engine
  • We do not delete threads. Please take this into account when posting.
  • Deleting posts from a thread after you post them is not encouraged, as it makes the thread conversation difficult to understand.


Personal Information

  • Be safe on the net: if you don't want it to be public information then don't post it. We take your privacy seriously here, which is why we don't permit telephone contact details to be posted.
  • We'll leave you to PM your personal contact details if the exchange of that information is agreed.

Age Limit

  • All members must be aged 17 or over.


  • We may trim unused accounts at our discretion.


  • A condition of joining the site is that a reasonably informative profile is completed. A condition of your continuing membership is that you maintain a reasonably informative profile.

Multiple accounts

  • One account per person, if we find you with more than one and we haven't agreed to this previously then you will end up with none at all.


  • You may not give your password to anyone else or allow anyone else to discover/know your password. You are responsible for the security of your password and must ensure it is good, strong and difficult to guess. Site admin may disable your access if your password is found to be insecure. If you suspect your password/account has been comprimised you must change your password at once and inform site admin.

Personal Messages

  • The contents of personal messages are not to be posted in the forums without consent of both parties.

Signature Rules

  • Keep it short and keep it free of large images.


  • Abusers of this forum will find very quickly that we don't tolerate abuse here.
  • We run this forum, we may remove anyone we choose at our discretion.
  • This Agreement shall for all purposes be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.
  • In the event that any provision is determined to be unenforceable or invalid, such provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions.
  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in revocation of user accounts and all license granted therein and all license granted by this agreement excepting license granted to the site for use of user contributions which will continue unchanged. Your liabilities and responsibilities relating to this agreement will continue unchanged.
  • Use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Rules. We reserve the right to change these rules at our own discretion without notification, members are to check the rules page, documents forum and any other relevant linked section regularly for any such changes. We will endeavor to announce any rule change in the relevant forum on site.
  • The Terms and Conditions in effect at the time of your use shall govern your use of the site and shall supersede any prior terms and conditions, agreements or statements.