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    Long-standing interest. Variable (declining?) involvement.
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    Brought up in Southampton. The witches house in the New Forest was frequently pointed out in those days. Had a deep experience at Stonehenge, completely to my surprise, and then more recently at Mayburgh Henge, despite the traffic noise.
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    I sometimes thought I'd like to be able to call myself Wicca, but I don't strongly believe that's really ahead of me on my path.
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    Drifting north
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    Standing stones, including those which are currently recumbent. I might become interested in herbs one day, especially herbs that please stones, but I currently have no knowledge or feelings about that.
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    Luck (and a Google search!)

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  1. Stonehugger

    dreams and reality

    I trust my dreams more than my conscious thoughts. Less filtering going on. They do, however, mix up memories from the distant past with current events, which is how I imagine I sometimes think I've dreamed about the future. Standing stones help me focus on what matters, whether or not it's objectively true.
  2. Stonehugger

    Beginners guide

    Regarding working skyclad, I may have said this here before so sorry if I'm repeating myself but a few of us thought that's what we would be doing when we decided to work naked once. It must be a couple of years ago now. As it turned out, it had no extra spiritual dimension for us. It was good fun and it's given us all something to cringe about together (and was good for winding one of us up about ideas for her hen party) but, even at the time, it was clear we weren't skyclad. Looking back from now to then, it drew those of us who were there closer but we deliberately picked a time when the two students in our group were away. We didn't like the thought of inviting people half our age to strip off. The risk of course is that we then unintentionally exclude them from an important activity. I doubt if we'll do it again but if we did we'd start the conversation much sooner, make sure everyone was involved, and properly research what it means.
  3. Stonehugger

    Beginners guide

    Nothing wrong with running naked around Stonehenge but Castlerigg is quieter and had much better scenery. Bit cold though. My friend told me all this.
  4. Stonehugger

    Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    I googled, hoping to find one in Whitby (for next time I visit), but at least found https://www.treadwells-london.com/ and http://theatlantisbookshop.com/, both down south somewhere. I imagine the benefit of a pagan bookshop is that the booksellers probably understand what they're stocking. I may be wrong but I expect booksellers in general bookshops struggle to be deeply familiar with everything they stock. Going even further off-topic, would you prefer to support your local pagan community or become part of the global corporate machine?
  5. Has anyone already posted this link? Canine Empathy: Your Dog Really Does Care If You Are Unhappy
  6. "Hello," he said, as he made a profile comment.