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    i follow a solitary path
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    A lifetime spent in the woods or on the moors
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    Well where to start.....i've roamed the hills and wooded valleys round where i grew up since i was around 5 its then while others played football or canny that i first felt the power and energy of such places and i have tapped into this energy ever since.
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    to have lived not to have mearly exsisted
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    Tir na nOg
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    wood carving,stick/staff making,repairing old violins and making new ones,being amongst nature
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    google seach

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  1. Beginners guide

    Yea I enjoyed the clip Veys my kind of humour.....humour is like charisma some have and understand it others just don't get it....you got both keep 'em coming!
  2. Sacrifice

    Not sure if this counts in the context others are describing but I see sacrifice as giving thanks for what you have and also for what is to come, I always give thanks before a hunt ,not for the food which may or may not grace my oven afterwards but because I can, because of the bounty and freedom given me by this act, and if successful I offer up the plucks of said bounty (heart ,lungs ,liver ect ).....and nature always accepts it , every time....I in return get a feed, as do the lurchers,I get a sense of complete freedom, I get to see nature in the full and most important of all I get to take my place amongst nature as man was before so called civilised society turned us all into cattle....
  3. I think the world's gone mad..... Telford grooming gang now.....and I was told by someone from the area they saw no problems there....they obviously weren't looking...

  4. Week number four without a day off ,a bad arm, bad back ,knee on the way out and frayed temper.....does life get any better!..... 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. nappadog


      Take MG speak soon

    3. Veys


      Heeeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaack!!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    4. nappadog


      Haha....hi Veys!

  5. In the words of Pink Floyd...." Home, home again,I like to be here when I can, when I get home cold and tired it's good to warm my bones besides the fire..."

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    2. Moorguide


      How's the arm ND? Hope all is well. 

    3. nappadog


      Yea thanks MG , everything is fine arms still quite bad(think it's goosed and will probably need operating on)but just working stupid hours this last week I'm refurbing a shop and the jobs behind due to a few things out of my control so just trying to reel it in a bit ...... normal service will soon be resumed..... hope all's well with you after your recent loss .... thanks again MG 

    4. Moorguide


      Yeah, all good here. Decided not to attend Boggy’s funeral. His family are very Catholic and not anything like Boggy at all. I would be guaranteed to get into an argument, so best to respect his passing in my own way. 

      Off to the PF Bude conference this weekend so much ale and dancing is on the cards. 

      Sorry to be hear  about the ongoing problems with your arm ND. These things often come back round and bite us in the ass. 

      I'll fill you in on the conference and will try and get round to updating my blog! 

      Pace yourself :o_beer:


  6. Time to light the fire, warm my feet a chill....

  7. The irony , those that say they're open minded about other religions when viewing the positive aspects are so very rarely open minded about the negative....in fact they seem utterly closed down to it!!

  8. Great art ND, what a magnificent skill. 

    1. nappadog


      Thanks MG, you have mail just sent, hopefully you'll like the stick as well!!.... have you any objections to copper decoration on stick?, I have a design in mind but if you've ideas of your own PM

  9. Bloody marvellous work dude. Well impressed! Clever sod! Do you sell stuff???? 

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    2. nappadog


      I tried but it's one of those things were I see the imperfections (ie it doesn't look as I'd envisaged at the outset)and just think it would be a crime to charge for it!

    3. Veys


      Shame! I thought it was lovely. Post some more creative endeavours soon ND. :rolleyes:

    4. nappadog


      If I can upload I will.... thanks for the kind words

  10. Go onto the view all content on my profile and go on galleries....

    1. Veys


      Will do. Cheers! 

  11. Not sure if this works but .....


  12. Brutal honesty.....bad for making friends,great for the spirit....and my thought for the day is..... don't rattle your chains and complain about the noise,break free

    1. Veys


      Still can't wait to see pics of the skull carving ND! Started yet?  :coz_magicfingers:

    2. nappadog


      Pencilling on a design (I then etch that out ).... found the photo upload thing been trying to get a pic of the last violin up(there's a couple on my profile from years ago as well as a hare I carved and a couple other things)but it gets half way and say upload failed....

    3. Veys


      Would love to see them, especially the hare! 

  13. These were faves back in the day. X

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    2. nappadog


      It's very much like this where I live... 


    3. Veys


      You're my wife now... :coz_papa:


    4. nappadog


      Trying to get the photo thingy to upload.....it keeps saying I failed.....

  14. https://goo.gl/images/1UzWGV

    Hope this works. Kapala skull. Cool as. 

    1. nappadog


      Some lovely work there!....I've thought about adding some copper, aluminium, silver or lead work but need to focus in on one idea or I just get lost flitting from one to another with no clear path other than one that leads to sh1t work!