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Ember Autumn Rose

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    Hello to everyone! I'm Ember Autumn Rose (my real name is Amber) and I am 22. I have been following an eclectic pagan path since 2009, loosely around my other studies, and I believe this is the right path for me at the moment. I enjoy reading non-fiction topics, especially those I deem relevant to my path. I probably don't practice as much as I should, but it's just finding time to do so, or settling into the right frame of mind. I don't bite, so if you would like to know more, inbox me :)

    Wishing you the best x
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    To be more healthy :)
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    Staffordshire Moorlands
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    `Reading - fiction and non-fiction.
    `Helping people - usually a lot of people find it easy to talk to me, and I enjoy helping them out.
    `Walks in the woods - or small walks in the country in general, help to calm my mind when I need a bit of a 'breather'.
    `Watching films - comedy and horror are my favourites.
    `Learning new things.
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  1. Ember Autumn Rose

    Silver Ravenwolf

    I can only make my judgement really from the one text I own by her (Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation), which I bought when I first started learning. It is a text that has made me roll my eyes many, many times. A personal peeve of mine (although it might not be to others) - magick, not magic. One obviously cannot possibly understand magic in this context without the added ~*k*~ She so kindly points to her other books so that she won't repeat herself and bore the reader - a more cynical person would say she would just like you to buy those too. Ye Olde Language that all witches use. Portrays the idea that Witchcraft and Wicca are one and the same; or the idea that there is one craft rule book that all witches/wiccans/pagans follow with no exceptions. Not sure how accurate her information on Wicca is either. She seems to have a real thorn in her side with Christianity/Christian Dogma. Whenever she gives a negative example of religion, it just so happens to relate to Christianity. She also makes it plain that most other witches will not likely consider you a witch should you have any consideration of or understanding towards Christians... *Real* witches can't be Christian / Witches don't believe in Satan - she believes it's insulting to think in such a way. *Real* witches can't be victims / have a victim-mentality She's all for love and light, positive energy - negative energies and negative vibrations are bad, bad, bad... The idea that you can't join a coven, or that they won't accept you, if you have emotional life-events happening at present (for example, if you are going through a divorce). Because humans should live happy lives all the time with no problems, of course. Also, having other life commitments may hinder you. The many "humble-brags" she likes to slip into each chapter: Mentioning her many other books you may want to dip into, her private correspondences with Ronald Hutton [who is a decent writer], that she only has a clan of twenty-eight covens. A lot of the information within is very superficial, with no actual reason on why one should do such practices, or where they originate for the most part. Her section on deities is incredibly limited, and there's barely a sentence on each deity. I know it isn't specifically a deity book, but it is pitiful in my opinion. Thirteen Powers of a Witch (?) Love balls (?) Her wonderful ideas on when to cast spells, or reasons for... there's one for acne; one for unfair teachers; one for helping you to choose your school classes; to gain an understanding of literature... she also includes "advice" for eating disorders and suicidal friends... Others may love her, and that's fine - each to their own. Her other books may be better, and I suppose there are a few nice bits within. But, if I had the choice to go back before I bought it, I wouldn't buy it at all. It's a very pricey prompt book for conducting your own research.
  2. Love the new avatar.  You look very confident.

    1. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      Haha thank you :smile:

  3. Ember Autumn Rose

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    I do not have a sacred animal as far as I am aware... perhaps I am just ignorant I have a fondness for quite a few animals, but nowhere near the idea/concepts of familiars, fetches or sacred animals. A quick list would include: tigers, lynxes, dogs (not the small, scrappy kind), bumblebees, moths, pipistrelles, magpies, jackdaws, crows, red deer stags, foxes, and owls. I think they're all stunning and majestic. Maybe one day ;)
  4. Such gorgeous weather :o_bounce2: Spent the early afternoon digging up the earth and planting wildflowers for the Summer - hoping to help the pollinators a little. Hoping they grow nicely!

    1. Veggie dancer

      Veggie dancer

      That's lovely. Our little patch of wild flower meadow will be in its 3rd year this summer. Its always buzzing and crawling with insect life and the frogs and birds love it too! There is a great wild flower identifying app I really enjoy that you might like if you are getting interested in wild flowers. I love going on walks and seeing what pops up in the garden and trying to identify what I see.

    2. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      Well there's grass there at moment, and some wavy bittercress :') still awaiting little wild seedlings... I still have my fingers crossed. At the back of the garden, our tulips have bloomed, and bluebells are slowly starting their appearance. We popped a couple of foxgloves, dahliettas, and a scarlet monarda there too.

      I bet your little patch is wonderful! Feel free to share the name of the app - sounds interesting :) I try to identify plants on my walks too.

  5. 'Over the land freckled with snow half-thawed,

    The speculating rooks at their nests cawed,

    And saw from elm-tops, delicate as flower of grass,

    What we below could not see, Winter pass.'

    - "Thaw" by Edward Thomas

  6. Looking forward to dressing up for Halloween :) going for deer-with-a-gunshot-wound... hopefully won't scare trick or treaters too much :D

    1. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      (apologies for disappearing for a little while too!)

    2. Ellinas
  7. Ember Autumn Rose

    Genuinely Good Reading

    The first one is in my Amazon basket, waiting to be bought :D
  8. Ember Autumn Rose

    Genuinely Good Reading

    I agree with the Ronald Hutton recommendation! I've only read part of "Triumph of the Moon" and I would love to read his other books..
  9. It appears university has been a successful experience as I will be graduating, and with an Upper Second Class degree with Honours! So close to a First, but I am still incredibly happy to be graduating at all this year - especially after all the things I've had to battle through :)

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    2. Ember Autumn Rose
    3. Wolfwind


      Late, but well done Ember. Many Congratulations.

    4. Nomis


      Well dome and congratulations. Wish you all the best with your chosen career.

  10. Ember Autumn Rose

    Twaddle Spotting - spotting b*llsh*t in books

    I do think that there is something in dream interpretation too, but I also think that one book isn't going to give you the answers - a lot of what they write is a load of drivel. For example, if you dream of your mother you're craving nurturing, affection...yada yada (not sure if that's what they say?). What if your mum is a right cow? What if she is abusive? If that kind of figure appeared in someone's dream, they're going to have a VERY different interpretation. Not sure if what I wrote makes sense... sorry :)
  11. Ember Autumn Rose

    Genuinely Good Reading

    So after reading this brilliantly amusing thread ( https://thevalley.uk...__1#entry553703 ) I thought it might be useful for people to suggest books which ARE useful and ARE accurate, and not full of rubbish :) or perhaps the top 1-3 books you might recommend to those who are new or wanting to learn more a new area. For me, one of the books I own that isn't so bad is Breverton's Complete Herbal - which includes Culpepper information. In this, it gives the binomial nomenclature, other names of plants that might be known colloquially, a description of the plant, a history behind the plants, and the plant's uses. It's not as "fluffy" as other books. That being said, I would say it's more of an interesting read than a purely factual tome. *edit* apologies if someone has already made a thread like this...
  12. Ember Autumn Rose

    Twaddle Spotting - spotting b*llsh*t in books

    :lol: I always love to re-read this thread to cheer myself up, or have a good giggle at people's similar attitudes to my own about books :lol: I also have to admit.. when first starting my path.. I bought/was gifted some of these titles... :o_bolt: :o_thwak:
  13. This Father's Day, we took my Grandad back to his farm - spreading his ashes, and fondly remembering the times we shared. Love you Grandad

    1. Earthdragon


      Very poignant. Thanks for sharing . Best ED

    2. Ember Autumn Rose
  14. After being completely busy working towards my degree, I feel like I've lost touch with my path. Think it's time to find a new connection, reconnect, and start again down this path...

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    2. Reverend Nick

      Reverend Nick

      Can you afford a short holiday? Somewhere like Robin Hood's Bay is a great place to recharge yer batteries and get back to yourself. Stand on that slipway at night, watch the tide come in.


    3. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      Funny you should say that, when my family's free we're thinking of holidaying in Whitby - will have to visit!

    4. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      Seeing as we haven't had a family holiday since my parents split, so I'm looking forward to it.