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    A rather individualistic version of Hellenic paganism
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    I'm a former fundamentalist Christian (still married to one) who realized, around 2000, that I couldn't stomach the beliefs any more. My interest has always lain with Mediterranean mythology, so that was a natural next step. My main focus is Hekate (whom I see as providing also a link to pre-Hellenic beliefs) but I steadfastly refuse to accept any orthodoxy, orthopraxy or group wisdom as to what I should believe or do. My main sphere of activity on a pagan forum was Dragonswood, which is now defunct - though I have seen a few old Woodies hanging round the Valley...
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    My aims are:
    1. To learn Greek to a reasonable level of competence;
    2. Retire as soon as is financially viable;
    3. Go wandering with Mrs E;
    4. Annoy bureaucrats;
    5. Draw my pension long enough to make my employer weep.
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    Internet fora only (formerly Dragonswood; now Ex-Christian.net)

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  1. All or ..................

    Labels are convenient but, ideally, flexible. I feel no need to conform to anyone's thinking, but I sometimes find it helpful shorthand to be able to say "I am a ...." - it usually shortens the amount of breath required to explain a broad outline of one's position. But there is never any requirement for a label, nor any rush to acquire one. And, if the label starts to become a restriction in some way, it's time to ditch it.
  2. Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    Good to know they are available. I've never noticed them around here. Then again, I've never looked for them.
  3. Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    It's unusual to find anything directly about modern paganism that does not seem rather facile - which starts with the same letter as "fluffy" but I'm unsure if it is a wider or a narrower concept. Of course, you can get the odd nugget even an otherwise pointless book. Whether it is worth snorkelling though the daftness to find it is another matter. I've picked up some stuff by Crowley (Book of the Law, Book of Lies, 777) and LaVey (Satanic Bible & Satanic Rituals) - not that those names are any guarantee of quality and some of what both wrote strikes me as hilariously nonsensical. I've also obtained the complete works of Plato, Graves' Greek Myths, and classical authors are not difficult to come by (Aristotle, Livy, Apollodrus, Homer...). That may be the advantage of Hellenism - I don't recall seeing many copies of the Eddas gracing bookshelves. Also stuff on archaeology and ancient history is out there. Some years ago I came across an entire series of reprints of late 19th/early 20th century titles on folklore, albeit from a more anthropological standpoint (authors like Donald MacKenzie), Dated, but not without interest. I suppose it depends on what you regard as "good" and "pagan",
  4. Last Wednesday, first day back in work after the New Year. About 10:00 I wander into the gents to discover a noise from one of cubicles indicating someone had fallen asleep "on the job" so to speak.  After affects of a New Year's party...????

    1. Moonsmith


      If I remember right, that's an "incident" :)





      Happy New Year mate.

    2. Ellinas


      Happy New Year to you too.

      I decide to turn a deaf ear - after all, no indication he'd actually fallen off the toilet seat...

  5. Spent most of Christmas day wearing my "Bah Humbug" hat.  Mrs E obviously thinks it suits me as she dug it out...

  6. Is there life elsewhere in the universe? Very probably. Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe? Maybe, but no particular reason to assume so. It's scarce enough on this planet, after all. Has intelligent life from elsewhere in the universe travelled to this planet? Until someone can tell me how that is physically possible, given the distances involved, I remain extremely sceptical. Moonsmith - didn't Lovecraft get there first? The Colour out of Space...?
  7. Oooh...  We have a more interesting colour scheme at the top of the page...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. deebs


      You'll just have to wait and see! :o_lol:

    3. Ellinas


      Looks fine.  Prefer it to the solid earthy colour.  Are any alternative themes likely to appear?

    4. deebs


      Possibly, I'm hooking into a lot of things using the themes system at the moment, so adding and maintaining new ones would require a bit of fiddling.

  8. A Need To Join.

    Some of that sounds relevant to the threads on being to academic and ideas to get people involved, both in the Axe Grinder's Workshop board. You may like to cast an eye over those.
  9. Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    Last night, as I drove back from a wedding reception, a rabbit hopped into the road - too close for me to be able safely to brake or swerve. It's not my sacred animal, but it certainly got sacrificed.
  10. Is There Any Heathen God's That...

    Not my area. I've found this but cannot vouch for its' accuracy. http://www.wizardrealm.com/norse/holidays.html
  11. Genuinely Good Reading

    For all his faults, Robert Graves did a decent job of providing a digest of Greek myths; just take his commentaries with a pinch of salt and take note of his references to original texts. Don't dismiss fiction. One purpose of reading is to get ideas that you can weigh up, even if you don't accept them at the end of the day. I quite liked Peter Straub's Shadowland, from that standpoint. To my mind it suggests a greater continuity between what we call the spiritual and the mundane than, perhaps, we tend to assume. But that's just my take on it.
  12. The best interpretation of your own dreams is in your own mind. Run through the events in meditation and ask the characters what they are up to.
  13. Even rubbish can be instructive - as long as one recognizes its' essential quality.
  14. Hmm... Not actually read this thread before. Looks entertaining.
  15. One approach is to try to identify academic publications and get hold of them. It is worth also paying attention to the references given within online resources (the bit of Wikipedia no-one ever reads, I suppose). There is an online etymology dictionary (see here for the entry for "Britain": http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=britain ) from which you could then look up the archaic variations online to see if any further information can be gleaned. Looking up gods is a bit hit and miss, not least because modern day devotees have their own proverbial axes to grind. You could investigate libraries (in particular if you have access to any attached to universities) to see what they have on their shelves. In terms of accessing original sources, you could try sites like Theoi. com - http://www.library.theoi.com/ In the end, however, there is a large element of luck in research. Basic rule is to be careful over any material you find easily online unless it's referenced, try to look up reliable academic sources if possible, and keep your questions in mind as there's a fair chance the answer will pop up in months or years time when you are looking for something else entirely. There are, however, no short cuts.