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    Κάπου στη φάλαγγα, πίσω απ' την ασπίδα μου
  • Birthday 09/22/1965

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    A rather individualistic version of Hellenic paganism
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    c. 2001-ish
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    I'm a former fundamentalist Christian (still married to one) who realized, around 2000, that I couldn't stomach the beliefs any more. My interest has always lain with Mediterranean mythology, so that was a natural next step. My main focus is Hekate (whom I see as providing also a link to pre-Hellenic beliefs) but I steadfastly refuse to accept any orthodoxy, orthopraxy or group wisdom as to what I should believe or do. My main sphere of activity on a pagan forum was Dragonswood, which is now defunct - though I have seen a few old Woodies hanging round the Valley...
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    My aims are:
    1. To learn Greek to a reasonable level of competence;
    2. Retire as soon as is financially viable;
    3. Go wandering with Mrs E;
    4. Annoy bureaucrats;
    5. Draw my pension long enough to make my employer weep.
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    Internet fora only (formerly Dragonswood; now Ex-Christian.net)

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  1. Ellinas

    Silver Ravenwolf

    Well, it does strike me we all don pen names just to be the authors of our own posts here. Though it had never occurred to me that pixies fart - or that their flatulence may be linked to the glimmerings of the moon...
  2. Cleaned out the pond yesterday - ended up not taking out as much of the old water as usual in order not to disturb my little newt friends.  They are surprisingly cute

  3. Ellinas

    Silver Ravenwolf

    Heard of her. Never read her. Not avoiding her. Just never really found the opportunity or need to get to grips with her. That is probably the most unhelpful answer you'll get on this one.
  4. Ellinas

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    I now have a mental image of varying sizes of bear typing away on their laptops... "Part of me" is the answer I was expecting. The alternative, if that is Sinistra's position, might be an interesting exploration.
  5. Finally worked out how to put something other than "very talkative" in the text above my avatar.  That's a relief...

  6. Ellinas

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    I knew someone on another site who had a similar ursine type attachment. Do you see your bear as separate to you or a version (for want of a better word) of you?
  7. She abducted me!  Just back from 3 nights away, staying in Tiverton.  Mrs E seems determined to make my leave more knackering than being in work...!

  8. Ellinas

    dreams and reality

    I once had a dream where I was in an unknown town - which I recognised as being Rhyl when I went there some time later. Maybe there was just a superficial resemblance, maybe something more. I once had a dream in which my mother's oven exploded. The next morning I had a phone call from my sister asking where best to go to get a new oven as my mother's had stopped working (thankfully not explosively) These are the two examples of precognitive dreams I recall. Most of my dreams are just nonsense. Is this the type of thing you mean?
  9. Bloomin' broadband problems.  Keeps dropping out and re-connecting, especially in the evenings.

    1. Ellinas


      ... and...  Waited in for a technician to call me between 10:00 & 12:00.  Nothing.  Now waiting for a call between 18:00 and 20:00.  I'm not holding my breath (which, in fairness, would be a silly thing to do anyway).  Just to be awkward, the connection seems to have decided to behave itself today.

  10. Ellinas

    Mari Lwyd

    Traditions last as long as people find a reason to observe them. They die and are replaced by new traditions as attitudes and socially relevant behaviour changes. I really could not care less whether the Mari Lwyd survives as it is not a part of the practice or tradition in this corner of South Wales and, therefore, is irrelevant to me. Such practices are quaint enough - but being quaint, in itself, is not a reason to continue. At least such practices are generally documented these days for future study if they do die out, however - I wonder at the myriads of practices that must have been lost completely over the centuries. But whilst I wonder, I do not mourn them, They had their day, same as everything else,
  11. having a voe shaw day a strange feeling ive ever been here befor much to learn. i,m smileg tired been researching quatum physics, the new wave qutaum computer, sophia artfcal intellgence, super string theorey, m theorey, bosonic theorey , readg stephen hawkens a sad lose at theing penicle of his life as the univetse moves into the fith demsion with little sleep snd a message to someoe who does not know me. now i,m experimentng in a new group, and country this is kool crazy a break from the intergalatc inversial mind so who ever recves this burnot venting michael im not crqzy

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    2. hideandseek


      May be a we bit manic blended wth a side of crazy. Kind of an akward feelling ,I think it was my first post. Well no rant , perched like a bird studying pagan history. Future rants predictable


    3. Ellinas


      The fact of rants may be predictable.  The contents never should be so.

    4. hideandseek


      Thanks for the insight Michael.

  12. Ellinas


    Ooh, you, you, you religionist you...! Pardon me while I take a few moments to lie down in a darkened room... Right... Lifestyle as a sacrifice could be an interesting line to take. But, it strikes me that it needs to have a "handle with care" warning, That way, potentially, lies some fairly strict asceticism. And, whilst each to his own, asceticism is something with which I have little personal sympathy. What it could mean (handled with care) is a life that is attuned to one's concept of honouring deity. Arguably, a medical career, or having a good laugh whilst manning the counter in a charity shop, or just buying a coffee for someone in distress, are all examples along the way of a life lived in this way. However, it's hardly the dictionary definition of sacrifice. Anyone got a chicken and a sharp knife?
  13. Ellinas


    Sacrifice is, ultimately, a form of gift, nothing more or less. A gift generally involves some form of expense to the giver. Expense above the norm? Why? I suppose the level of the expense may be linked to the purpose of the gift - just like you may spend more for someone's golden wedding anniversary than for yet another pair of Christmas socks,
  14. Ellinas


    Depends on or way of doing things. I suppose. Given I do things pretty informally, I suppose to very little extent.
  15. Ellinas


    Classical and older related belief systems do seem to tend to have something of a contractual aspect to them.