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    Over a decade 'offically'
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    I spend my life generally herding our growing collection of unruly kids and pets and being that person that gets a bit too happy looking at fancy-pants medical supplies even though there are one or two things in the back of my ambulance I have never used.

    I have been Pagan in spirit since early childhood though at the time, didn't know there was a name for it, that it was Moen than just me. It was a gradual process, one that is probably still happening, but I think I have believed for around ten years now.
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    There is always room to learn new things about pretty much every aspect of your life and yourself so that is my aim I suppose. To understand both myself and this weird little space rock we live on.

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    London, England
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    I'm interested in quite a few things but don't have a specific single interest. I will read pretty much any book put in from of me (except romance) and have a slight obbsession with QI and Modern Life is Goodish. I am also that weird person who gets a bit too happy looking at fancy-pants medical supplies I have no need for but that is part of the job really. Ahh paramedic life!!
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    I know, I know! But, in the most eloquent and least swear-y way possible, why? She is often given as the one to avoid, above all others. So why would you say to avoid Sh*thead Ravinghoot?