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    Several years (will always feel a newbie)
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    Hello! Update: I joined The Valley to explore all things Pagan. I have a much more comfortable relationship with my path now and enjoy reading and hearing all others viewpoints. Losing any rigid structure I had and embracing it's individuality has been a step forward. Will always be drawn to Autumn, Samhain/Hallowe'en, and Crone comfort. I love nature and animals. Worked in healthcare for 22 years, and still learning. I have 2 dogs and a tortoise at present, but have always had rodents of some description in the past (and probably future). Big thanks to The Valley and its members for helping me along my path.
    Ps (and I'm copying Ember here!) feel free to message if you want to natter.
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    Ooooo, I suppose to gain insight and knowledge. Love discussions and hearing others viewpoints. Also, to engage with other Pagans, as I'm solitary.
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    Pagan Fed

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    Nature, red wine (drinking it), creative stuff, socialising, reading lots of Pagan gubbins, and animals.
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  1. Beginners guide

    Serious though, those leggings...
  2. Beginners guide

    I like this Tom Hanks film too. A dogs beginners guide to fridge raiding. No dogs or Pagans were hurt during filming. Hooch is such a handsome hound!
  3. Beginners guide

    My deepest apologies Moonsmith. Ps I must confess I want goat leggings ASAP though. Guilty as charged.
  4. Ahhh, rain outside, fire burning away, a glass of red, and a cwtch from a dog..... Blissssss!:coz_magicfingers:

  5. Off to Glasto again this wknd!!! Wooo hooo! :coz_magicfingers::o_bounce3::coz_witch::o_bounce2:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Veys


      Ahhhhhh, the town MG, not the festival! No space cakes but a galactic artist called Fay Vale! :biggrin:

    3. Moorguide


      Ha ha, Glastonbury Town of course and not the festival. Hope you had a good time Veys. :rolleyes:


    4. Veys


      I did. Thanks MG. BB. :coz_magicfingers:

  6. Bloody marvellous work dude. Well impressed! Clever sod! Do you sell stuff???? 

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    2. nappadog


      I tried but it's one of those things were I see the imperfections (ie it doesn't look as I'd envisaged at the outset)and just think it would be a crime to charge for it!

    3. Veys


      Shame! I thought it was lovely. Post some more creative endeavours soon ND. :rolleyes:

    4. nappadog


      If I can upload I will.... thanks for the kind words

  7. These were faves back in the day. X

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    2. nappadog


      It's very much like this where I live... 


    3. Veys


      You're my wife now... :coz_papa:


    4. nappadog


      Trying to get the photo thingy to upload.....it keeps saying I failed.....

  8. https://goo.gl/images/1UzWGV

    Hope this works. Kapala skull. Cool as. 

    1. nappadog


      Some lovely work there!....I've thought about adding some copper, aluminium, silver or lead work but need to focus in on one idea or I just get lost flitting from one to another with no clear path other than one that leads to sh1t work!

  9. How's the ram skull carving coming on ND? Pics if possible please! Skull carving is just phenomenal. :coz_magicfingers:

    1. nappadog


      Hi Veys, been flat out at work so if I'm honest other than cleaning it up some I haven't started yet....got to be certain how I want to go with it as , obviously, when I start there's no turning back....as to pics I tried uploading some pics of the violin I was finishing the other week but max it'll let me post off the phone (max the sight will let me upload) is 2mb and the pics were 2. Something!... when I have time to post (with some thought put in it!) I'll try and get on a computer and see if I fair any better because I've also picked MG's stick and want to put some in progress bits up for him.....catch you later Veys

  10. Cheers for The Notsensibles introduction Nappdog! Just ordered CD now! Cracking tunes! 

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    2. nappadog


      I shall tell ploppy that him and the boys have another fan!,(that means they have 5 now.....if you include their mum's!)

    3. Veys


      Tidy! They rock! 

      Try this tune....


    4. nappadog


      Yea that's good , I'll take that and raise you some GLC ,rnb dealing with a very controversial topic..... have a listen see what you think


  11. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    You're not crazy Veggie Dancer! I agree that some items definitely have memory or absorb things. I had a lovely double pointed quartz I used to use to heal and cleanse people, but after using on someone who had been trying and trying to conceive, it changed. Totally. The feeling of it and one of the points just came off. I like cleansing stuff in rain or streams/rivers. If the usual sage, salt etc haven't had much of an effect. I know things can be buried in the Earth for a time too. I can relate to the link you appreciate, as I wear my Nana's engagement ring and other pieces of hers. Miss her loads. Good luck! BB.
  12. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    Ps Why not just try nothing but going out tonight, all wrapped up and safe, and just stare at the beautiful moon. See what thoughts and feelings come to you! Let your intuition flow with your appreciation of our beautiful celestial Lady!
  13. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    Hey Daisychain, I agree with the guys here. Don't be afraid to go with what feels right for you. If it feels wrong then stop and try something new next time. I would try keeping a book of things you try, and then anything that's a positive you can transfer to a 'tried and tested' Book of Shadows, or the like. I charge my crystals and altar stuff at full moons at times. I love the rain though, so on super rainy days I put the stuff I can put out (ie won't rust, fall apart, non-porous) in my garden to sit under the downpour. The sound is amazing too! Everything feels happier after! Try charging some spring water/bottled water under the moon. You could then drink it at a mini ritual, or sprinkle it in circle for example. Like I said, give things that feel right a go. Trust your instinct. There is a book on Moon Magic by Rachel Patterson that might interest you. She is a witch and has written LOADS of books on various witchy subjects. The stuff you try and that works for you will be more powerful and meaningful. Read what you can and adapt it to suit you. Good luck and enjoy the journey! BB.