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    I have been blessed since an early age, I was aware of things others weren’t, I could sense good and bad in buildings and people. Aged 18 I went to a get together, I was told I could easily do Tarot, the woman could sense my abilities. I didn’t really do much but I bought a deck and some runes, I’ve long collected stones and other items. I paid for readings where again I was told I had these abilities, so when I was about 23 I did my first reading, warning the person it was my first, I was sending something that didn’t make sense, so I gave the reading, the person asked did anything else come through, I told her and she confirmed I was right but not many knew about the situation. I could sense if family members were pregnant, many strange things occurred whilst I was growing up. I did readings, took a break, did readings again, then a year ago I met someone who encouraged me to explore everything I could do. It turned out I had a natural ability to do a lot. I’m starting a new chapter in my life, so here I am
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  1. DaisyChain

    Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    I found after burying some crystals in sea salt that the salt seemed a lot heavier than when I poured it in. It could just be me going crazy, but I took the stones out and the salt was like a lead weight. I did ask generally but didn’t really get any answers. Although I’ve only joined forums this week, so it wasn’t a forum more a FB group of people that, if it’s not cruel to say, seem attracted to certain aspects but have no natural gift. I say that with confidence because I didn’t have to do anything in particular to receive the powers I have, they’re just there. I don’t have to say when connecting to a picture or my spirit guide go through a 12 step process. Although I found the 12 step process usually helped me sleep, so I wonder if it’s more a meditating tool. There was a fab FB group that posted pictures, one I just really connected with, but I was removed sadly, a day I think after my great reading. It said it was a beginners group, when it came to that stuff I honestly thought I was a beginner, but I must have natural abilities that take me up a notch or two. Ive never cast spells, I’m quite a wary person that I’d accidentally do something wrong. I’d say leading to my demise, although honestly 2018 was meant to be a good year, it started with my Nan having a stroke in Dec after I called her, then her ultimately dying last Wednesday. So not the best of starts. Can only hope it gets better really, although a reading I had pointed at things improving so you never know. Best wishes to you all this glorious rainy weekend. Natures on side for the water collection for Imbolc methinks. To me Rain is something that has never bothered me, my most relaxing experience was on what is a popular beach in the rain, it was deserted bar a few hardy dog walkers. It had such a different feel to it.
  2. DaisyChain

    Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    I haven’t really considered being solo over being a hermit. I think in my mind being solo equalled being a hermit. I don’t know why it’s just after so much time with people, seeing others live quite happily alone, that’s what I wanted to recreate. This New Year was a total let down, I wished many Happy New Year, I got 2 replies back. So I thought people expect me to drop everything when they need something. That won’t be the case anymore. i was looking forward to having my own place and being boss, if that makes sense. Instead of constant justifications.
  3. DaisyChain

    Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    I haven’t really considered the just solo option. I guess that makes just as much as the hermitv
  4. DaisyChain

    Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    I have so many TP books I will see if I have that specific book. Do you know when it was first published? Is there anywhere on here where people are talking about Imbolc? I know through age, although I’m not all that old, to respect others views, also that ‘faith’ if that’s the word to use, is different for each person. It’s what makes us unique in our own right. There’s no right or wrong as what may work for one, may not another. I know somewhere there’s a chart about which books are part of which series with TP. Will have to give that a look too. I was wondering, I am very drawn to the idea of being a hermit, I have been for some time. Is that something which features in any aspect of what people on this site practice? I haven’t drawn the concept out of a hat so to speak, it has been on my mind for a long time. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  5. DaisyChain

    Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    Thank you, I’ll keep a look out for posts about Imbolc. I guess with the internet there’s the chance that different peoples interpretations are taken as verbatim. Would you say each person has their own way of doing things? Im new to this in some regards, in others im very experienced, so it’s a learning curve.
  6. Hi, I have a few questions I’m wondering whether they can be answered. Tonights Moon (31/1) is really special in 3 different ways. Some say it’s the first of its kind in 150 years. It’s a super blue blood moon (2nd Moon in month) it’s going to have an eclipse which is best seen in Australia. If I were to charge water, could I use that water for Imbolc? Does it being a triple effect Moon have any extra powers? Say for charging crystals? Putting ones not being used in a black velvet bag? Do you have to wear the crystals on your person to get the full effect or do you use a different method to receive their energy? Do you charge angel / oracle / tarot cards during a full moon? Then afterwards place them in a black velvet bag? (Do you take the cards out and leave them in a stack to be charged or do you separate them?) Apart from cards / crystals and water can anything else be charged such as sage incense sticks? Sea salt? Or any other suggestions? Its suggested before putting the water out you bless it with sage. Would sage the herb be ok to be put in it, or ash from a sage incense stick, or cleanse the container by inserting the incense stick inside & around to ensure it’s cleansed? For Imbolc what is the ritual for using water. There’s no springs etc nearby so I’m a bit lost. Do you use moon water for anything else? Obviously it’s going to go stagnant so you need to use it fastish. What would be the benefits of investing some? Sorry for all the questions. Primarily I’d love to know if charging with this moon has any extra effects. Secondly I want to make sure I charge as much as I can. Thirdly I’m wondering if there’s anything I’m missing out on? I haven’t done spells or anything like that. I don’t feel confident doing them, plus my area is more spiritual than anything. I hope this is in the right area, Love & blessings