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    Universal energies-kind of druid but not 100%
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    8 years and counting
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    When I found paganism, I was originally taught by a druid but I decided pretty early on that druidism wasn't the path for me. So I did a lot of reading and felt that there was no particular pantheon that I got on with, so I take an 'energies moving through the universe' approach, which harks to my druid roots, but I don't think I could describe myself as a druid.
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    Crocheting, witchcraft and tea.
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  1. Just because I am curious...who else on here considers themself a witch? Because I consider myself to be a witch but I don't know who else here does.

    1. Ellinas


      I am not certain which witch is which, but regardless of which way I look at it I am not a witch, which begs the question which witch will confess to being  a witch which frequents this place...

    2. Veys


      Hey Ana, I don't think I am, but others think I am. They also think I love Satan! It's that whole Pagan stereotype thingy, despite my huffing at them. Free range rude always pop up... :o_devil:

    3. Ellinas


      I'm a little surprised by the lack of witchy replies,  So far, only us non witches have popped our heads above the proverbial parapet. Shall we start a chant - "Where are all the witches..."?

  2. What are you guys all doing for Beltane?-assuming you are doing anything

    1. Maeve


      Don't necessarily celebrate Beltane on 1 May - when the hawthorn flower is out, is appropriate for us but, in any case, will not be meeting up with our group until 12 May this year when, weather permitting, we will have a ritual outdoors and if not, indoors :laugh: as well as spending the weekend together catching up ... in Derbyshire!

  3. Altar box finally arrived. 

    1. Ellinas


      Ah - things are developing...

  4. Bleeding postal service. I want the things for my altar! 

  5. So excited for my altar! 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. anankesong


      You do indeed 

    3. Ellinas


      Now you are getting me excited as well... :o_bounce3:

    4. anankesong


      I am still waiting for the things to arrive. The post was all messed up because of the snow. 

  6. When you get to write about something you love. 

  7. Why am I so tired? I got the full eight hours sleep last night :sleep:

    1. Ellinas


      Because you needed 9?