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    Being pagan ≠ accepting everything at face value ;)
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    polytheist, Heathen & Wiccan
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    I live with an author and journalist in a small cottage close to the centre of a small market town in the Welsh Marches. I write pagan thrillers where the crime is committed by magic and the guys trying to sort out the mayhem that follows are an assorted bunch of magicians, Weres and the fay. Oh, and the occasional god. ;)

    I grew up on fairy stories, mythology, science-fiction and fantasy. Back in the 70s, had I known there were new forms of paganism in the UK, I suspect I would have declared myself one. Instead I spent time as a Christian and then as a Quaker. I did a year or so in a Gardnerian coven, then walked away from Wicca for 13 years. During that time I was a Heathen. Though practising as a Wiccan again, I remain a happy Heathen and polytheist. :)
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    Joining in, being part of the community. Learning from people. Giving, when I can. I found some of my closest friends here in the Valley. :)
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    Archenfield, Ergyng. The southern Marches.
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    The gods and other wights, Heathenry, writing pagan thrillers, mythology, my house and garden, malt whisky, very dark chocolate, the land, buying art, doing geeky things with IT, seeing friends. :)
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    was on UKP before it became the Valley

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  1. dreams and reality

    Hi Jack! When you say "i just had a dream recently and saw a place which later i realised was where i was" I'm confused. If that's where you were, why shouldn't you dream about it?
  2. Beginners guide

    Oh, I love that film! Yes, a lovely scene. :) Skyclad doesn't worry me. I'm a naturist.
  3. Sacrifice

    Something offered to the gods, wights or ancestors. 'A gift for a gift' as we Heathens say. :) If I want something, then I will give something in return. However, I often offer something simply to show appreciation, without asking for anything in return. Me I ask. You know: "do you want a coffee? Or do you prefer tea? or can I get you something else?" sort of thing.
  4. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    Ahem - mod notice Guys - instead of making this thread a super-portmanteau of everything, can we start new threads for topics other than the super full moon? Many thanks :)
  5. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    The internet is not just full of interpretations - 99% of stuff put out as pagan may be total rubbish. Not true at all, in any respect. Most pagans probably do their own thing. others follow established paths. There's a sub=forum on this site called "pagan paths" or something similar. If you take a look at the pinned post, you'll find resources to get you going about a number of different pagan religions or paths. You can use the site's search facility to track stuff don. Just use "imbolc" as the keyword and it should present you with posts or threads mentioning that. :) Hermits aren't a thing in the known branches of paganism, but there's nothing to prevent you being a hermit, if that's what you want to do. You might want to work out where you'll live and how you'll pay for things. You might want to consider how you wish to interact with the world in terms of getting groceries, having work done etc. Traditional hermits were part of a monastery or convent and were attended to by the monks or nuns. The point of that as not be distracted by having to worry about here you sleep or whether you eat, or having to deal with household problems.
  6. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    I can't tell you anything about blood moon etc, but "blue" moon is just a construct of the calendar we use. It's not something that changes the moon - we just draw up arbitrary lines to divide up days into pockets we call 'months' that are an historical accident created over centuries by the Romans. I follow the Anglo Saxon calendar - in other words, the main part of my life goes by months that are determined by the moon. The month begins when one sees the new moon. Lunary calendars are ancient and widespread, and were probably the earliest reckoning of time. Being based on the moon's cycle, you can't get two full moons in one "month" as the month is the moon and not some artificial human construct. I'm afraid I can't help you with the other issues. I don't charge anything by using moonlight. I tend to use magic to maintain those things I use. I tend not to use crystals, angel cards etc. I do use tarot and runes, very occasionally, but regard the internet stuff about wrapping them in this or that as modern (20th century) inventions, spread by the internet. I'd suggest you do whatever pleases you. Others may have a different take. Same with anything about 'charging' various materials using different methods. You ask: I've never heard of this and I've been around the pagan scene for years. Is this a recent invention? There's nothing in Wicca I can recall that links water and Imbolc, and Imbolc is a Wiccan festival. However, the Wiccan festivals are adopted by many pagans and they are universal as "pagan" festivals, if you read the internet, but they aren't universal pagan festivals - and those on the internet invent things for them that aren't in Wicca. So whatever the water-Imbolc link is, it might only have been invented a few years ago. No problem about that - if it appeals to you, do it. However, you don't have to stick to someone else's rules - especially if they were only invented a few years ago. You're free to create your own rules. :) p.s. - I'm going to move this to the general discussions, as I think it's a discussion about more than this one moon.
  7. Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    I'd prefer to get the translation I chose, though, and not be limited by what's in the bookshop. I suspect most pagans buy online. They also (judging by Facebook) ask for recommendations first. And yes - 95% of the recommendations are wicca-lite or witchcraft-lite or someone's UPG.
  8. Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    Hmm... great idea but not sure it will work, in practice. The author of the article pleads: However - book shops only exist if they buy books that sell. Not that might sell, or (worse) that might sell in fifteen years, when just the right customer comes in. Inevitably, book shops would end up creaming off the really hot selling books - mainly Wicca 101 and spell books. That could affect the book sales of the New Age shops. If it meant the New Age shops then shifted to the non-standard/weird books, that would be fine - but small bookshops can afford unsold stock even less than mainstream bookshops.
  9. [A Cauldron Full of Stars] New Moon

    David, that's very sweet of you but this is in a section of the forum where we import articles from other sites. I've edited the original post to make that clear - it usually is but, for some reason, this one was very unclear. You'd need to go to the site linked in the post and log in there to offer your good wishes. I'm afraid they won't register anything logged here.
  10. Bob - that implies that paganism is simply a fashion. That's a tad depressing ... or perhaps not. ;)
  11. Is There Any Heathen God's That...

    Ah, got it. From this source, and it gives a very good idea of why so many of us spit when Rydberg is mentioned:
  12. Is There Any Heathen God's That...

    No, but then there's nothing in an awful lot of religious texts that actually links deities with the things they end up representing ;) Absolutely! :) I have to admit to confusion. Isn't the Voluspa in the Poetic Edda? Or are you referring to something else? Which part of the Voluspa or either Edda is "Edda LIII"? The only bit in the Voluspa I know that refers to Baldr's resurrection is: The only mention of horses I can think of in connection with Baldr is the Second Merseburg Charm: The trouble there is that there's no mention of the said horse creating springs. :D Snorri doesn't even bother to give Baldr's horse a name. Oh - I see...it's related in "Teutonic Myth and Legend" by Donald A Mackenzie. He seems to rely heavily on Viktor Rydberg (spit), and Rydberg on Saxo (writing around the time of Snorri). I wonder if it's in Saxo or whether Rydberg made it up from scratch? Let me look...
  13. Is There Any Heathen God's That...

    But there's no actual foundation for that, is there? I can't recall anything in the Eddas that would support it - but my memory's far from perfect. :)
  14. Genuinely Good Reading

    Thanks, hun (about the Valley). However, I think I'd still put a warning on it, in line with this review. The review suggests reading ToTM as a balance, but that's a huge ask of someone new! :D
  15. Genuinely Good Reading

    How many forms of paganism does it cover, hun? I have to admit that, given the authors, I suspect it's extremely limited, as in paganism=wicca. Happy to be proved wrong. :) If anyone wants an introduction to a variety of paganisms, I'd really recommend Paganism 101 as covering a fair range (but still not all!)