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    For approx 36 years. (aaaargh)
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    Heathen. I'm of Icelandic descent so mostly Norse as they're the gods who want to talk to me, but I find that the older I get the broader my circle of deities becomes! Work as a freelance project manager, English teacher and occasional tour guide in Germany and occasionally sell a photograph. The photographs are of cyclists, you probably won't have seen any of them. I specialise in Tom Boonen. With his shirt off. One husband, two grown-up children.
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    Not good at focused goals, but I hope to learn from others, contribute something myself and enjoy the debates.
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    None currently, life has a habit of getting in the way.

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    West Yorkshire
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    Reading, reading and more reading. Cycling (I am passionately interested in professional road racing) walking, climbing. Music - singing, but only in private between consenting adults. Ballroom dancing, by which I mean Latin as well, actually I'm better at Latin. Rumba is my best dance. Result of an inspired birthday present from OH a couple of years ago. Rather to my amazement I found that I actually had one left and one right foot and I was rather enjoying myself. I've even got the sequined dress.....
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  1. Freydis

    Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    I don't think that there are many explicitly pagan shops around us. There are a number of crystal/new agey places, that probably also have some pagan stuff, but I've looked closely enough. I find that havy incense makes me sneeze these days. Mostly wicca lite stuff. There are a few craft workers who are certainly pagan sympathetic if not explicitly pagan and they turn out some nice stuff. The only book seller I know of locally is The Sorcerer's Apprentice (if they're still going) and they've been mail order only for a long time. Firebombed by Christian fundmentalists - really nasty incident back in the 80s (I think). I'd like to think that this isn't a risk faced by pagan bookshops today, but I guess I can't be sure.
  2. Freydis

    All or ..................

    In answer to the first question - probably depends who you're talking to. I'm primarily a polytheist who happened to be grabbed by a Norse god (followed by others - principally but not exclusively Norse) and found that she could identify as Heathen. I've met Heathens whose "significant deity" is not Norse and who feel connected by other aspects - principally ethics and a moral code I think. I've even met a couple of Heathens who are atheists. I think it's up to them. As far as I'm concerned if they identify as Heathen that's fine by me - I have no interest in laying down the law and making definitions. Other Heathens may (do) feel differently. Whatever floats your boat. I wouldn't say that Valhalla is very important at all. Again, others may differ.
  3. Freydis

    Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    Most of the books I've bought over the last ten years that have been pagan related have been primarily about history, archeology or anthropology in areas which happen to have pagan links or relevance. I very rarely buy "pagan" books now because there simply isn't much around that interests me anymore. Ron Huttom and Jenny Blain would be the only specifically "pagan" authors I'verin a long time, and even then their books aren't necessarily badged as pagan. Actually make that twenty years. I'm getting old. You can usually get hold of the Eddas and other books relating to the sagas in mainstream bookshops - at least round here (West Yorkshire) you can. The Waterstones in Leeds city centre frequently has the Eddas in stock - not necessarily on the "Mind and Spirit" or whatever they call it these days shelves though. They're frequently more likely to be found in European History or Early Lierature (or whatever they call it). Which is fair enough. The Mind and Spirit shelves tend to be packed with wicca-lite/Charmed stuff or lots of angel related things......
  4. Last night my daughter (she's staying with us over Christmas)suddenly jumped up and screamed "Oh no! My building is on fire!".  She was right (you may have seen it on the news - major fire in block of flats in central Manchester).  Thankfully her flat is fine, but last night was spent on the phone and internet trying to find out what was going on.  The fire brigade have been amazing - but I think that I'm going to see the New Year in by sleeping....

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    2. Freydis


      Nothing wet.  There's a smoke smell but nothing too strong (and woody - the fire brigade think that the fire spread through wooden balcony railings so that may be why).  Daughter has been incredibly lucky. 

      Oh...and Katie Hopkins took to Twitter last night to blame immigrants for the fire - with no knowledge at all.  That woman is the most disgusting ***###.    


    3. Ellinas


      Does she think immigrants have a tendency to spontaneous combustion?  FFS.

    4. Moonhunter


      sarcasm on/

      how reassuring to know we have our own little Trump replica

      /sarcasm off

  5. I don't think that paganism and witchcraft are any more on the rise or not or "in fashion" than they have been at any point during the last thirty years or so. What may be falling out of fashion is the "Charmed" school of witchcraft. That, I think is a fashion or maybe craze is a better description. When it comes to "serious" (for the want of a better term) paganism or Wicca I don't see any evidence that there's any more or less than there's been for a while. My son and his partner live in Scotland and partner is a postgrad student. She reckons that the number of pagan students is about the same as when she was an undergraduatre a few years back - and it all sounds a pretty similar split between the people who take it seriously and the Llewellyn/wicca lite types as when I was at university although the styles of clothing may have changed.
  6. Freydis

    Is There Any Heathen God's That...

    Spit is about right. However, I do agree that an awful lot of deities end up linked with things they originally had nothing to do with, and linking Baldr with spring is par for the course.
  7. Freydis

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    Not a sacred animal, but my fetch is a weasel. Yeah, I know. Other people have wolves, and hares, and stags. Me? Weasel.
  8. Read. Think. Read some more. Talk to everyone, but remember that what works for them may be very different to what works for you. And listen. To everything.
  9. Freydis

    A Need To Join.

    Names can be useful in that they can help to provide pointers I guess. As in I'm interested in A, B and C, so maybe that makes me X. I suppose that for some they are limiting in that once some people find a name they shut down certain avenues perhaps. It's horses for courses, I think. Some people find names useful for various reasons, others don't and don't use them.
  10. Freydis

    [Witches' Voice] What Exactly Is Witchcraft?

    So does that mean that Alexander Fleming was a witch? Or Louis Pasteur? And what about Prozac? And Viagra?
  11. It's difficult. I think that most people have an inbuilt "bullshitometer" that kicks in, and which becomes more sensitively calibrated with age and experience. Sometimes though, I think that it depends on how much someone wants to believe. Human beings can be very good at self-deception when the circumstances are right.
  12. Freydis


    Not stupid at all, but I think that your reaction may be indicative of your mental state. It sounds as though you have been very seriously ill in the recent past with ongoing problems and this is very probably affecting your thought processes. The hare could mean anything or nothing and either way it may take a while to find out (if you ever do). I strongly endorse what Moonsmith recommends - if you're worried about your health and you've been seriously ill recently get to your doctor. Hecate will wait.
  13. Freydis

    How Expensive Is Your Paganism?

    Mine is pretty cheap. I don't have any tattoos and the jewellery, t-shirts, animal skins I possess are really religious as such and are not particularly expensive anyway. Alcohol....hmmmmm........now there you might have a point...... Of course all of my alcohol consumption is absolutely a vital component of my Heathenry! :o_wink2: :o_drink:
  14. I'm not convinced any of it's true, to be honest, There are just too many things that don't add up or are downright ridiculous. I think that it may be the product of an overactive imagination.
  15. Freydis

    Crystals / Amulets

    I suppose not really. I don't have any jewellery or object that I carry with to keep me in a good mood or block negativity. However, there are some clothes that I like and I know suit me that I'll wear in particular situations because it gives me confidence to know that I look good and I'm not sure that's all that different. I guess I fall in the placebo camp. I certainly don't believe that it's possible to prove objectively that crystals have a positive impact. But there's nothing wrong with placebos. Placebos can have a very helpful impact so if it's what works for you I'd say fine, go for it. Why not?