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    Pagan Male amateur photographic artist, walker of woods and fells, and reader of books. Computer geek who also enjoys latch hook rug making.
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  1. shows how much attention I have been pying ot things, I've only just noticed that the chatroom has gone...

    1. Pomona


      Blimey - shows how long it's been :D

    2. herneoakshield
  2. woohoo! I just found out I passed my maths course :)

  3. Maths Exam in the morning :S dreading it.

    1. Earthdragon
    2. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      Good Luck from me too, try your best, and that's all you can do :)

  4. weather wise I am finding it hard to think of yesterday as Hallowe'en, it's far too mild out there.

    1. Wynnfrith


      Got my back door open on the 1st of November!!! People are walking around outside in tshirts!!! Its wonderful to have this but its a little confusing.

  5. yay ebay issue sorted, and I have just purchased the two items :)

  6. a bit frustrated by the lack of response from an ebay seller to a question. I need ot know the answer before I buy two items from them.

    1. Moonhunter


      it can be frustrating, can't it?

    2. herneoakshield


      yep, and particularly in this case as the items are buy it now rather than bid for, so there is a chance they will sell before I have chance.

  7. just got my order from Troybooks wow those books are gorgeous, particularly the numbered special edition of the Cecil Williamson book.

    1. Samhainmooncat


      They do produce some lovely bindings, don't they? And interesting reading, too.

    2. herneoakshield


      definitely do yep. I'm almost reluctant to read them as I don't want to spoil their new condition


  8. the CHess Olympiad opening ceremony was this evening, first games tomorrow :) I'm looking forward to watching :)

  9. woohoo! couple of weeks until I get my washing machine. No more laundrette after that :D

  10. Beyond Nervous today. HAve got my PIP assessment with ATOS this morning. Dreading it doesn't even come close ot describing how I feel right now.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mysticcat


      Good Luck with it


    3. Freydis
    4. Isrith


      Hoping things turn out well for you!

  11. May the Fourth Be With You folks

    1. hanalouwho
    2. Wodeborn


      and try to avoid the revenge of the fifth

  12. It seems the antibiotics are triggering the eczema on my hands (hope that's what the redness is, it's in the same sort of pattern that my eczema usually shows). so long as that is the only reaction I get from them I can cope with it. 2 days down another 5 to go.

  13. I use similar associations , or rather similar reasons for the associations. on a geographical basis North = Air when you think of the wind which of the four winds do you think of first? for me it's the Arctic cold north wind, which also leads to associations of Winter, and Midnight East = Earth ( the large landmass of Europe being in that direction) seasonally East for me represents Spring new Growth from the earth etc, and obviously sunrise South = Fire The hottest part of the planet is the equator ot the south, and the sun is at it's highest and hottest in the southern skies in summer, it is also associated with Noon. West = Water (the largest mass of water the Atlantic is in that direction) I associate west with Autumn and Sunset as well, there are two other directions that I feel are important those are Above and Below with myself as the witch standing in the centre of it all. these associations also alternate masculinity and femininity North/south being masculine in associating and east/west feminine
  14. Antibiotics :(

    1. Freydis


      Blast. Is that the rosacea? I know that you wanted to avoid them. Hope you're feeling better soon - sending thoughts your way.

    2. herneoakshield


      not the rosacea no it's my ear. saw dr two weeks ago, got cream for it, it improved but then has gone bad again :( he's worried it may spread to the mastoid so wants the antibiotics ot hit hard which means high dosage. plus it's one I have reacted to in the past :( :(

    3. Freydis


      Ouch. Ears can be very painful. And not something you want to take risks with. Having said that were there really no other antibiotics he could prescribe? (Given that you've reacted to these in the past).

  15. 13 years in this flat and today Is the first time I had a Crow on my window ledge :) usually I only get pigeons.