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    My Own. ---- edit: but as of Yule 2009 I'd say My own which happens to be Druidic.
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    Solo - a long time With others since 2006
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    I called myself a Pagan for about 30 years but only knowingly met one in 2006. I neither read nor practised anything specific. I just was. However since 2006 I have been attending a number of moots and camps. A Druidic group [Earthworks] were kind enough to let me tag along but, even though I have similar beliefs to some of them, I did not think of myself as a Druid until the end of 2009. I'm too old for homework so just get on and develop myself and my own path. Earthworks publicly declared me to be a bard in 2010.
    I suppose I am a BSP - A Bog Standard Pagan.

    ed. but now I'm a Druidic BSP
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    What an excellent question. Well very little is new - so all I can usefully do is share experience. I will bring a little healthy scepticism. My view of Druidry for instance veers to Hutton rather than Carr-Gom :-) I am highly appreciative of the scientific method based as it is on evidence. I do not believe that explanation in any way reduces mystery or magic.

    What do I hope to gain - A sharing with like minded people and my own development.

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    Midlands UK
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    I am a plastic flute maker and have run flute making and playing workshops for Pagan groups in the North West and Wales. My hybrid flute is a beautiful instrument with which to perform ritual or to meditate. I am also a story teller.
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    A fellow member of a another forum

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  1. Moonsmith

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    There is a big Ursidae family around here. Definitely wellies in the woods Of all the bears in our family, I'm guessing that I am the teeny-tiny bear. Most of you seem to have or be North American bears. Is no one a Kamchatka, Kodiak or Polar? All bloody big. Please don't be sun bears. They are miniature [smaller than my bhalu], very smartly turned out but the nastiest little buggers I have had the misfortune to clean up after. Family photo I'm third from the left.
  2. Love the new avatar.  You look very confident.

    1. Ember Autumn Rose

      Ember Autumn Rose

      Haha thank you :smile:

  3. Moonsmith

    Do You Have A Sacred Animal?

    My own bear, considerably smaller and a lot more scruffy than a grizzley, is part of me. Like Dr. Jekyll's Hyde, bear used to be optional when I needed bear characteristics. After a while, just as Hyde had later to be pushed back so I had to suppress bear. Now I don't bother and the old bugger is evident most of the time..
  4. Hi Eth,

    If you thought a camp down near you could be a good idea I'm up for it.  You guys have always traveled big distances north in the past.

    We used choose the Lakes because that is well south for the Scots.

    I don't think that there are m/any campers left here now but numbers don't matter.  Your Kelly Kettle needs exercise and I'd love to meet up with you and BV again.

    Wocha fink?

    1. Ethereal


      Remind me where you are travelling from Moonsmith? We are certainly up for a get togther and can have a look for a suitable venue and do some planning. 

      It would be great to see you and anyone else that could make it. We appreciate that we are very South for some and that will rule them out. 


    2. Moonsmith


      High time there was one near to you.

      I'm in the Midlands so I can get anywhere.  Aberdeen or Penzance is all the same to me.

  5. Moonsmith

    Beginners guide

    You think? I've walked slowly around Castlerigg in a three layer parka. Yes I'd agree regarding the scenery. I've been there several times and always get much more from the ring of mountains that surrounds Castlerigg than ever I do from the stones. I've never worked skyclad and I've never been to Stonehenge and probably never shall. I'm a Druid but neither Stonehenge nor Castlerigg has anything evidential that connects them with Druids before the 20th century. Ref the vid. It's so easy to ridicule something when you have no knowledge about it other than a well established lampoon based upon a Wheatley novel. Unfortunately these things become self perpetuating.
  6. Moonsmith

    Beginners guide

    Oh how I wish that everyone thought that was funny. Well, thinking about it, I don't. If a reporter or interviewer wishes to suggest that Pagans run naked around Stonehenge, I couldn't care less, it's their problem. I have heard both reporter and interviewer ask Pagans exactly that.
  7. Smile, I will have to work on that n Maybe if N is my name could use curious dreamer. However, I will learn more about pagan names. 

  8. Moonsmith

    Mari Lwyd

    If there is a will to keep these things going then it shall be done. If there isn't then they will fade. To my mind the will and the spirit need to be there; ideally from a community. If a few academic or modern folky types are simply going through the motions then nothing is surviving that cannot be resurrected from recordings and records when the spirit returns. It might be important to be clear about what date the various aspects of the tradition came from to help future researchers. The tradition? I like the idea of riddles to pass the door. The song? nope.
  9. Moonsmith


    https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/sacrifice Sorry for this ^^^^^^^ but it reflects both definition and common usage. A friend, a wooden flute maker, would only throw his best flute onto a campfire rather than anything that he thought inferior. In terms of time and effort it beats my tune. I have no gauge as to effect.
  10. Moonsmith


    A thought. I have described my statement of gratitude expressed in a tune but is it a sacrifice? It's something that I do frequently and for pleasure in any case. Its a way that I naturally express myself. Sometimes I focus on gratitude while I'm doing it. Shouldn't sacrifice require an effort above the norm, an expenditure that goes beyond the usually affordable, an emotional or physical effort? Or am I off that particular hook?
  11. Moonsmith


    I feel gratitude several times a day and simply say "thank you". The simple fact of being able to do some things makes me grateful as can a view or an experience. Where I feel the need to make a special gesture, a sacrifice in the broadest sense of the word, I do so in a tune. The advantage [to me] in that form of statement is that every time I play in free pentatonic mode the tune is new, unique. Veggie, you are suggesting that lifestyle can be a sacrifice. I like the idea that life itself can be, to some extent, a sacrificial dedication. [Don't tell Ellinas or you'll find yourself with a religion ] In parallel to the old saw: virtue is its own reward, does a sacrifice, in part, work to our own gratification?
  12. Moonsmith


    To what extent is the WAY you give or behave generally in ritual/liturgy a sacrifice of effort in its own right/rite? We Pagans have it pretty cushy when it comes to obligation to our deities but perhaps Religio Romana work a bit harder at it?
  13. Moonsmith


    The deity in question?
  14. Moonsmith


    What is sacrifice in the Pagan world? What does it achieve? Who or what initiates it? How do you decide what to sacrifice/do/give? Stuff like that! [Blame Ellinas]