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    My Own. ---- edit: but as of Yule 2009 I'd say My own which happens to be Druidic.
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    Solo - a long time With others since 2006
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    I called myself a Pagan for about 30 years but only knowingly met one in 2006. I neither read nor practised anything specific. I just was. However since 2006 I have been attending a number of moots and camps. A Druidic group [Earthworks] were kind enough to let me tag along but, even though I have similar beliefs to some of them, I did not think of myself as a Druid until the end of 2009. I'm too old for homework so just get on and develop myself and my own path. Earthworks publicly declared me to be a bard in 2010.
    I suppose I am a BSP - A Bog Standard Pagan.

    ed. but now I'm a Druidic BSP
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    What an excellent question. Well very little is new - so all I can usefully do is share experience. I will bring a little healthy scepticism. My view of Druidry for instance veers to Hutton rather than Carr-Gom :-) I am highly appreciative of the scientific method based as it is on evidence. I do not believe that explanation in any way reduces mystery or magic.

    What do I hope to gain - A sharing with like minded people and my own development.

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    Midlands UK
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    I am a plastic flute maker and have run flute making and playing workshops for Pagan groups in the North West and Wales. My hybrid flute is a beautiful instrument with which to perform ritual or to meditate. I am also a story teller.
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    A fellow member of a another forum

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  1. Sacrifice

    https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/sacrifice Sorry for this ^^^^^^^ but it reflects both definition and common usage. A friend, a wooden flute maker, would only throw his best flute onto a campfire rather than anything that he thought inferior. In terms of time and effort it beats my tune. I have no gauge as to effect.
  2. Sacrifice

    A thought. I have described my statement of gratitude expressed in a tune but is it a sacrifice? It's something that I do frequently and for pleasure in any case. Its a way that I naturally express myself. Sometimes I focus on gratitude while I'm doing it. Shouldn't sacrifice require an effort above the norm, an expenditure that goes beyond the usually affordable, an emotional or physical effort? Or am I off that particular hook?
  3. Sacrifice

    I feel gratitude several times a day and simply say "thank you". The simple fact of being able to do some things makes me grateful as can a view or an experience. Where I feel the need to make a special gesture, a sacrifice in the broadest sense of the word, I do so in a tune. The advantage [to me] in that form of statement is that every time I play in free pentatonic mode the tune is new, unique. Veggie, you are suggesting that lifestyle can be a sacrifice. I like the idea that life itself can be, to some extent, a sacrificial dedication. [Don't tell Ellinas or you'll find yourself with a religion ] In parallel to the old saw: virtue is its own reward, does a sacrifice, in part, work to our own gratification?
  4. Sacrifice

    To what extent is the WAY you give or behave generally in ritual/liturgy a sacrifice of effort in its own right/rite? We Pagans have it pretty cushy when it comes to obligation to our deities but perhaps Religio Romana work a bit harder at it?
  5. Sacrifice

    The deity in question?
  6. Sacrifice

    What is sacrifice in the Pagan world? What does it achieve? Who or what initiates it? How do you decide what to sacrifice/do/give? Stuff like that! [Blame Ellinas]
  7. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! You COULD have used red ink! You could! You could! Younguns these days they have it easy. I don't know what sentencing is coming to, really I don't.
  8. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    Oops, erratum and apologies! It's Wyrd Sisters. Pub 1988 The first in the first Witches trillogy. Poke around this forum [Starters Orders] you will see how we've answered some of your questions in years gone by. Mine will be much the same as last year [quod vide] Why a hermit rather than just solo? Have you read "Witch Alone" by Marion Green. It's not fiction :) You don't need to be a witch to use a lot of what it talks about.
  9. Special Moon Tonight - Questions

    No one here will be surprised that I certainly do things my own way. Purely coincidentally I am collecting rainwater for my Imbolc meeting but that is because we always use rainwater. I have swallowed my fair share of mead but there are far better drinks including Severn Trent tap water Don't be scared by the freedom that Paganism gives you. You are free to think and do what you will to express your spirituality. I've seen so many people disappointed by this exposure to a blank page that I'm almost tempted to recommend what Freydis calls "Pagan Lite" literature so that you can make yourself a handle for your belief and give yourself time to grow your own confidence and the very specific spirituality which is within you right now. Have you read Terry Pratchet's "Witches Abroad"? Its very funny and very typical of reality in many regards. It's fiction!!!!! Magrat Garlic is a witch who is very concerned with precise times and precise species of herb picked at those times. Granny Weatherwax knows that you can use grass. NB and mark well - When Granny Weatherwax uses a broom handle as a sword she cuts a solid wooden saw horse in half with it. It's very funny fiction. I have pondered here before whether we might need to have been Magrats before we become Weatherwaxes. pee ess. I forgot to put out the rainwater collector until last Sunday so it will now be dry until our celebration on Monday when it will wee down. This may or may not be cause and effect but it is certainly within Sod legislation.
  10. Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    I can't speak for all bookshops but a friend of a daughter who worked in Waterstones says that their deliveries are based upon the outlet profile and market predictions. She an IT specialist so it is hardly surprising that she also says that in her view the resulting sales are superior to those of the experienced loner making their isolated decision. There apparently exists a marketing reversal whereby customers are less discriminating in their purchases and more committed to a specialist, niche or characterful book shop. Being part of the shop's clientele is important. These tend to be second hand bookshops. That said and despite the enthusiasm shown by the OP blogger, I would feel an aversion to a specifically "Pagan" bookshop. I've never seen one. Perhaps it is different in parts of the US.
  11. All or ..................

    That is one of the reasons that Druidry is so acceptable to me!
  12. All or ..................

    Now you have surprised me John, and you may have shown up a fundamental flaw in my understanding. Is it not central to Wicca to believe in a God and a Goddess? To what extent must a Heathen believe in the Norse Pantheon in order to be accepted by other Heathens as such? How important is Valhalla? How significant is a belief in magic [of whatever spelling] to some belief systems? These are some of the elements that I had heretofore thought of as requirements and which influenced some of my choices early in my Pagan life.
  13. All or ..................

    Oh this is a mess! The last bit of the above was....... So: To what extent do feel that you need to conform in your thinking before you start telling people that you are a [..... insert belief here ]???? To what extent would you require that a postulate conforms to your thinking before recognising them as a member of your belief set [.............]????
  14. This is in Starter's Orders in case it interests an enquirer or someone unsure of taking an early step within Paganism. First and foremost, there is absolutely no need to adopt any name for your belief at all. Many, maybe a majority of Pagans just do their own thing. Back at the turn of the century I stepped out of my Pagan isolation and attended a moot and for the first time knowingly met Pagans. After some hiccoughs I became a regular attendee at the meetings and Gorsedds [rituals] of a Druidic group called Earthworks. While they seemed pleased to see me and I was able to contribute I didn't call myself a Druid or even a druid. I certainly did not want to adopt a course of study. I had forged my own Paganism over a period of some thirty years, it was robust and worked for me. Over about three years in which I read a lot of my own choosing, I realised that belief is a highly individual process, not just for me but for everyone. My beliefs had sufficient in common with elements of many of the other members that I was indistinguishable from those around me in conversation about things spiritual. I passed a form of Turing test. A Witch, Shaman or Heathen would suss out immediately that I wasn't one of them but to Druids and others I'm a Druid. Now: I do not say all the things that Druids say. I do not do all the things that Druids do. I do not even believe all the things that Druids believe [if Philip Carr-Gomms book is to be believed] I am what Druid is.
  15. Open Letter to Non-Pagan Bookstores

    Very occasionally I'm pleased with a find while browsing a used bookshop. Rarely is the volume about my spirituality, more likely to be artwork of some kind. As for anything useful, I buy it on line as most of us do. That's how the business is changing. I don't hire videos from a shop and I don't buy my steel tube from a local stockholder. If there is anyone down near Hastings looking for some esoteric stuff look in High Street, Old Hastings. Pull out the front row of New Age and pop-Pagan stuff and look behind at some of those pamphlets and papers. I don't understand much of them other than a few key references, but you might.