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    Slow-motion Lycanthrope
  • Birthday 01/16/1974

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    Norse Heathenry
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    12-14 years (officially)
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    Norse heathen, 44, with wife and daughter in Lancs. I call myself atheist and love science, but my imagination & romanticism allows me to open my mind to other ideas (some of which I've nicked). I tend to keep to myself on such matters, though - until plied with plenty of alcohol, anyhow.

    My partner and I organise Salgofnir's Call hearth, previously located in central Manchester now closer to our new home in the Bolton area. We also used to travel occasionally to London to socialise with heathen friends. The hearth has been on something of a haitus while we came to terms with the addition of a very precocious young daughter to our modest family - but now we have plans to get the hearth up and running again, even if it ends up being just us three. We have always been happy to socialise with trusted heathens, tho. Most important for us are friends & family - though we all have a strong appreciation for nature.
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    My main aim is to expose myself to other views and beliefs to help develop and/or challenge my own brand of paganism/spirituality. The forum has proved very effective thus far, as evidenced by the foundations of my belief shifting somewhat over my time here.

    I also intend to make a greater contribution to the wider heathen/pagan community at some point - though that currently consists of trying to work out which of my peculiar talents would help in that regard
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    Kith of Yggdrasil (ex-member), The Tufty Club (you never really leave the Tufty Club)

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    Northwest England
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    Baguazhang, roleplaying, creative writing, gardening, music (rock and metal mostly, blues, punk, thrash, classical and folk also take a turn), singing, camping, inkie-dinks, whisky and tall tales.
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  1. NorseNephilim

    Silver Ravenwolf

    I tend to avoid all authors who don similar pen-names, like "Moonglimmer Pixiefart" or whatever. Probably more prejudice on my part than anything. That might well be unfair and I may be missing out, but for me, such authors are lumped in with Llewellyn books in the "not with a 10ft bargepole" pile.
  2. Withstanding work and very much looking forward to the weekend.  Not only because the wife and I are off for a very rare night out with friends.

    1. Veys


      As a fellow Tufty Club member in infant school, have a great weekend, and look both ways before crossing any roads :biggrin:

    2. NorseNephilim


      I always do... ;)

      Though we are going out to drink whisky and smoke cigars.  So I might not be quite so diligent on the way home. ;)

  3. NorseNephilim

    How To Tell If A Teaching/group Is Authentic?

    I wouldn't really put it that way. I would rather say there is a confidence, born of wisdom and experience, that causes people/pagans/teachers to feel less need to crow about what they are doing. Does that make more sense? Edited to continue the train of thought: I don't think there is hidden wisdom, as such. In fact, I agree that everything is now out in the open. However, that obscures as much as it illuminates. "Seekers" (ooh, I dislike that word) have to wade through all the crap to find the nuggets of truth. But how are we to know the pearls from the dross? Martial arts are a very similar field in this respect. Lots and lots of teachers, styles and 'truths' that are all out in the open. However, a very large portion of them aren't really offering anything of value. I am lucky to have found one of the 'pearls' in the class I currently attend (at least, IMHO).
  4. NorseNephilim

    A Need To Join.

    I think that we do, perhaps, need to survive a group in order to transcend the group, if that is what is meant. But I am not sure if the group has to be specifically spiritual/religious. I never really had any religious group that I belonged to before finding paganism. However, there have been many groups and subcultures that I have joined in the past. Usually with such groups, things went along swimmingly until I settled in. Then, after a while, the squabbles and petty politics caused me to realise that the elder members of those groups had no better idea of what was going on than I did. I think it is the learning from those experiences that I carried into my paganism. So, while I would now most probably be referred to as a 'lapsed' goth/metalhead/roleplayer or whatever, I would still consider that, to some extent, I still am all those things. I'm just doing them my own way. Just as I do with my heathenry. Only with heathenry, I didn't feel the need to see it done wrong first - I'm doing it wrong all by myself! ;)
  5. NorseNephilim

    How To Tell If A Teaching/group Is Authentic?

    When it comes to groups, I'm with the old adage "Those who know aren't talking and those who talk don't know". In a nutshell, in my experience, those who use superlatives ("best", "oldest", "most authentic") to "sell" what they are doing are usually, knowingly or unknowingly, peddling crap. So, I tend to find myself drawn to people, groups and teachers who are understated or even reluctant to reveal what they know. Incidentally, googling for the source of the quote revealed it was from the Tao Te Ching. I thought it worth requoting here: “Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know. Close your mouth, block off your senses, blunt your sharpness, untie your knots, soften your glare, settle your dust. This is the primal identity. Be like the Tao. It can’t be approached or withdrawn from, benefited or harmed, honored or brought into disgrace. It gives itself up continually. That is why it endures.” ― Lao Tzu
  6. NorseNephilim

    How Expensive Is Your Paganism?

    Probably the most heathen things we own are a pair of leather thumb beakers and what I call my 'swiss army hammer' (similar to this, but bigger and not a keyring). The former a wedding gift and the latter a Yule pressie from the outlaws. All the rest - clothing and such, is something I would probably still own, were I not heathen, by dint of my other interests.
  7. Must be getting curmudgeonly in my old age...

    1. Ellinas


      I settle for just plain grumpy.

    2. forest cat

      forest cat

      I seem to be heading for cynical and cranky.

    3. Ellinas


      Too tiring. Grumpy is the easier path - at least as you get older.

  8. Pondering giving something back to the heathen community. Quite what, I am not so sure...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Amber Rosemoon

      Amber Rosemoon

      I'll second that! :)


    3. NorseNephilim


      Mead is a precious commodity. Was thinking more along the lines of deeds, rather than gifts.

    4. Ellinas


      Hmm... Pouring a glass of mead is a deed... Not sure what would apply specifically to the pagan community.

  9. Hope it is a quiet weekend...

  10. My parents know I am into some stuff that confuses them, but that ultimately they are not too bothered about. I've never explained to them that I am pagan, though it might have cropped up in passing. Mainly because I don't want to have to explain the whole thing to them (and then over again to aunts and uncles, etc). I know they accept me for who I am (mostly - Mum wishes I'd cut my hair and shave - but everything else is okay with her). My partner really embraced paganism when she met me and now she is probably more heathen than I am - though we don't really do too much by way of rituals and such.
  11. Half term break forces me to stay home from work looking after my daughter. Ah, the humanity...

    1. Moonhunter


      so nice to hear :)

  12. NorseNephilim

    [Wiccan Web] Evidence of Loki's Worship?

    Knowing Loki, personally, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you told us it was a pile of horse manure and that we shouldn't read it. Whenever anything regarding him seems simple, I start to get worried... ;)
  13. NorseNephilim

    What Is A Spirit?

    Well, I am distinctly more materialist than the average pagan in my outlook, but I often find that certain places affect me on a psychological and emotional level. I tend to refer to this as the effect of (ancestors or) perhaps wights or 'spirits of place' upon me. It could just as easily be a simple psychological effect - I am not so sure in my beliefs as others seem to be, but I do know of my own experiences and currently choose to relate them to my heathen worldview.
  14. Another atheist pagan. I choose to see the gods as existing within my own mind. As archetypes, if you like to get your Jung on. I don't see any problem or limitation from that, I think instead that there is no harm in seeing them that way as it lets me learn from them without being too bound up in the question of whether they exist or not.
  15. I had studs on a belt and me leathers yonks ago. I still have.... Somewhere.... ;)