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Welcome to UK Pagan; The Valley

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Doretta Lowe
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Staff Directory




Curiouser and curiouser!

As site admin, deebs looks after the technical and business aspects of the site and is also involved in day-to-day moderating. As director of TwoFiftyEight Limited he is the last point of contact for escalation.



Chief Cat Herder

As lead Moderator Pomona is the next port of call if you have a problem that has not been resolved to your satisfaction with the other Moderators. She mods the board on a day to day basis, working in conjunction with the other Mods to ensure the site runs smoothly and fairly.



Very talkative

Helping to moderate this site is something I enjoy immensely and have taken very seriously during the year or so I have been involved.  It feels good to be able to put something back into a site which I feel is such a great resource for the Pagan community in the UK and beyond.  I may not get it right all of the time, but I sure do my best!

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