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  1. Wanderinghawk

    Tarot - When To Begin

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their thoughts on their experience of tarot. I have looked at the tarot post in Starters Orders but I don't think my question is covered there, so here goes. I have been trying to learn tarot off and on for a long time but never really got the hang of it. I am once again trying it and one way I'm learning is by picking a card every day and then looking at that cards meaning in my day. For the last few days however the card meaning has not really been shown in the day. However, when I look at all the cards together and apply them to what is going on in life generally I can see how it does relate. So what I was wondering is, when did you do your first actual reading of the cards? Where I have always fallen down in tarot is how to actually read all the cards together in a spread so it actually means something. This has made me wonder if I was doing card readings too early on in my learning process. So if people are willing to share, when in your learning did you do your first spread, what was your first spread, did you try a simple question first, something almost not important before hitting the 'big' questions etc. I would be grateful of any input. Many thanks Wanderinghawk
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