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Found 1 result

  1. Moonsmith

    The end or is it?

    A thought arising from the death and rebirth thread. Some of us have faith in some form of awareness after what we commonly know as death. It is probably as difficult to describe as is spirituality or magic but I have always wondered. If your afterlife is some sort of next step: a heaven, summerlands, Valhalla, Helgafjel etc etc how do you envisage your "life" there? Shall you be aware of you? What form might that awareness take? I struggled with this one while a practicing Christian. If your belief is in reincarnation, what awareness is transferred between incarnations. The Druidic concept of the transmigration of souls seemed to indicate that reincarnated individuals might be sufficiently recognisable that debts could be repaid. On the other hand I have absolutely no recollection of a previous awareness. If I have had a previous awareness hasn't that been annihilated? As for Nirvana, if I am part of the illusion then me and my individual awareness are annihilated in merging with the single eternal. Aren't they? Note that throughout I have used the term "awareness" rather than "spirit", "soul" or "consciousness". I am interested in what I might come to understand regardless of what form I may take? The closer I get to the cessation of my current awareness the less important all this seems but then I have no expectation of any awareness when my atoms are redistributed. Please; I do not wish to challenge anyone's faith. Ultimately whatever happens at the end of life: happens. Maybe I shall have to revise my view in light of some new awareness.