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Found 1 result

  1. praisetofrigga

    Newcomer here!

    Hey there! I recently discovered this site after feeling like I needed to branch out to like-minded folk - I'm lucky to have a lot of close friends but I don't feel I truly resonate with my current circle in terms of my spiritual path. Hence why I'm here! I have a deep interest in Wicca and the Nordic Pantheon. I started off on a solitary path as I was more comfortable with my own company but now I'm finding myself becoming stagnant and in need of stimulation with people who not only have similar interests but are just open to discussing their spiritual journey, folk who I can go back and forth with. A little bit about my journey: I'm still learning about the Gods, but I'm very drawn to Frigga and Freyja (I know it's open to debate as to whether these are indeed the same Goddess or separate entities for arguments sake I'm going to list them as separate, as they are in the Norse understanding). I'm currently studying a few different paths of divination, mainly Tarot, Dowsing, Runic and Tea leaf reading. I do also practice Witchcraft and am a heavy believer in the power of Crystals and natural remedies. I'm very reverent to nature and am hoping to pick up herbology and have a firm understanding of Ogham. I hope to be able to meet you all and learn about all of your paths and ideas! Blessed be 💕 Kirsten